Why We're Unique

We think we’re the most unique and individualized film school in the world. But don’t take our word for it. Read on and decide for yourself.

Our university is one of the top 200 schools in the nation when it comes to ethnic diversity

We take our commitment to all diversity seriously, which is why we encourage students to study film from a variety of cultures, and to tell stories that are unique to, and a celebration of, their individuality. 

When it comes to inclusivity, our department follows one simple rule: All are welcome here.

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Our faculty are all working professionals with published work and distinguished credits in the film and television industry. We have gathered a diverse group of part-time and full-time faculty who believe their professional work is just as important as the mission of training the next generation of film scholars and storytellers. They bring their professional experiences into the classroom, giving students a richer understanding of the medium and its practices. And because we think it takes professionals to train professionals, you will always have an adjunct or full-time professor teaching your courses, not graduate students who are still in school themselves. 

We have a robust internship program overseen by one of our full-time professors. Hands-on experience in the “real world” is vital for students who want a career in the industry. Whatever your field of interest is, our internship coordinator will help you get there. For more information, please visit our internship program.

We have two advisors who will be with you from day one of your time in our department. You will work with them to make sure you have the right courses to get you where you want to be. Plus, you’ll be able to meet our Student Ambassadors who can give you advice from the student’s point of view.  For more information, please visit Overview of Academic Advising.

The CSU Media Arts Festival was established in 1991 to give talented students studying film, broadcasting, video, screenwriting, and new media within the 23-campus California State University system an opportunity to present their work for critical review. Each year, an esteemed panel of industry judges presents awards for Best in Show, Best Animated Film, Best Documentary, Best Experimental Film, Best Narrative Short Film, Best Short Screenplay, and Best Broadcast Television. Since the first year of the competition, up to today, our students have won 69 “Best Of” awards, more than any other school in the CSU system

We believe the success of our students comes from our dedication to inclusive storytelling, as well as our faculty’s hands-on approach to teaching, and the real world experience they bring into the classroom.

See the full list of winners and learn more about Media Arts Festival.

We believe that both scholars and filmmakers benefit from a global education. That’s why we’ve created a series of international educational experiences that can be as short as a summer, or as long as a semester abroad. 

In addition to furthering the foundational knowledge of film scholarship and production, study abroad creates meaningful, life-changing experiences by immersing students in a culture that is radically different than their own. 

The expanded worldview gained during international study plays a vital role in shaping the voices of young storytellers. At the same time, these experiences give students a deeper understanding of their individual role in developing meaningful ways to impact our global community.

Currently, we offer the following study abroad programs:

  • Hamburg—semester in sophomore spring
  • Faculty exchange program
  • Short term summer study abroad program
  • Australia semester
  • England Semester
  • Ireland Short term summer

Learn more about CSULB's study abroad program.

Getting a great education shouldn’t burden you with debt for the rest of your life. The film industry is challenging enough to break into; the last thing a new graduate needs is a student loan payment as big as your rent.

CSULB is Money Magazine's #13 Best College for your Money

Our department was recently ranked the #4 Top Value Undergraduate Film Program in the U.S. by College Values Online. "Top Value" film school rankings are based on well-rounded, relevant curriculum; film and merit-based scholarship opportunities; recognition in the film industry job market; state-of-the-art film and production equipment; alumni success; and film-related features of particular distinction.