Computer Recommendations

Computer Recommendations for Editing Students

FEA has a student lab equipped with computers for coursework, so it is not required that you purchase your own computer.

For students in the Post Production Track who are considering focusing on editing and are planning on purchasing a computer, it is important to know that not all computers run Avid Media Composer, the editing software program used by over 95% of mainstream film and TV industry productions. Additionally, please note that Media Composer runs much better on PCs than Macs.

We recommend you refer to the Avid Configuration Guidelines before purchasing any computer.

Make sure the CPU, video card and memory configuration are listed on the Avid Configuration Guide for the model of computer you are considering.

Students in the Post Production Track are able to focus on other areas besides editing, such as sound and visual effects. If you need any assistance or have any questions, please contact Professor Susan Bloom at