CSULB Film Department Celebrates LGBTQ History Month Through Collaborations and Partnerships

Every October, LGBTQ History Month is celebrated to elevate the achievements and struggles of Queer people and ensure Queer history is taught, shared, and celebrated. This year the Film & Electronic Arts Department is proud to partner with the Long Beach Queer Film Festival, and support independent faculty events celebrating Queer cinema.

Cal State Long Beach ranked No. 1 among ‘national universities’ for promoting social mobility

Cal State Long Beach is ranked No. 1 among “national universities” for promoting social mobility, according to U.S. News & World Report’s 2024 Best Colleges rankings.

CSULB Film “My Mothers' Daughter” Directed by Samantha Iniguez named as KCET Fine Cut Finalist

Variety announces KCET Fine Cut Festival of Films Finalists including “My Mothers’ Daughter” Directed by recent CSULB Creative Nonfiction Film alum, Samantha Iniguez. “My Mothers’ Daughter will air in the program “Finding Good in the Bad”- Fri., Oct. 13 on KCET at 10 p.m.

Environmental Media Association Features CSULB Filmmaker Abraham Abotel and his senior film "Good Boy"

Abraham Abotel’s senior film “Good Boy” was one of 20 students to receive the EMA Green Seal for Students in Spring of 2023. The CSULB filmmaker sat down to discuss the importance of all students including sustainability in their filmmaking with the Environmental Media Association. Abraham’s film also earned a green seal from the Film & Electronic Arts…

Environmental Media Association Features CSULB Filmmaker Shannon S. Simpson and his senior film "What About Daddy?"

After receiving the EMA Green Seal for Students in Spring of 2023, CSULB filmmaker Shannon S. Simpson sat down with the Environmental Media Association to discuss the sustainable practices on set of his senior film "What About Daddy?" Shannon was one of 20 students to receive the EMA Green Seal, the film also earned a green seal for their commitment to…

CSULB Film & Electronic Arts Listed as "Best Local and Community College Programs in or Near Entertainment Hubs" by The Hollywood Reporter

The Film and Electronic Arts Department is thrilled to be on the 2023 "Best local and community college programs in or near entertainment hubs" list by The Hollywood Reporter!

Construction, Curriculum & Collaboration: Department Chair Adam Moore Shares Fall 2023 Updates With Alumni & Friends

Construction underway of the University Telecommunications Center, a new curriculum being implemented, faculty achievements, collaborations with film festivals and more! Department Chair, Adam Moore shares important updates with Film & Electronic Arts alumni and friends.

CSULB Film Alum So Yun Um Interviewed by CBS about her film "Liquor Store Dreams"

Film & Electronic Arts alum So Yun Um is interviewed about her film "Liquor Store Dreams" on CBS.

Revolutionizing Filmmaking: CSULB Students Pair Creativity with Sustainability in Senior Films

Film & Electronic Arts Department senior films "What About Daddy?" directed by Shannon Simpson and "Good Boy" directed by Abraham Abotel earned the coveted Environmental Media Association (EMA) Green Seal for Students and CSULB Green Seal, by diligently following the PEACHy checklist and implementing sustainable practices in every aspect of their…

Trailblazing Sustainability: CSULB Film Students Shine in the Green Generation Showcase

Film & Electronic Arts students receive honorable mention for their project, "Green Filmmaking: An Environmental Footprint Study of Junior Films in FEA 336" at the 12th annual Green Generation Showcase cohosted by the President’s Commission on Sustainability in spring 2023 at the tranquil Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden.

Annual Film Workshops Kick off for Summer 2023 at HAW Hamburg

Film & Electronic Arts Assistant Professor Ben Huff traveled to Hamburg, Germany to host a workshop introducing HAW Hamburg Media Technology students to mixing in 5.1 surround sound.

CSULB Film Professors Kevin O'Brien and Elyusha Vafaeisefat Wrap Up 9th Year of Workshops in Collaboration With HAW Hamburg

CSU Long Beach film professors Kevin O'Brien and Elyusha Vafaeisefat continue film workshops in collaboration with HAW Hamburg in June 2023, a film technology faculty exchange, which has been in existence since 2014.