Student Resources

The transition to college and serious Univeristy-level training in dance can be stressful and difficult to manage at times.  CSULB Dance is dedicated to helping students through tough transitions and issues, and your instructors and the Dance Clinic are wonderful aids in guiding students toward pinpointing the proper resources that can help them lead happier and more successful college experiences.

Proper diet and exercise can often be diffiicult to gauge and implement in a dance program, especially when students live in the dormitories for the first time or are spending many hours of the day away from home.  Healthy meal planning is one of the most challenging aspects of life at CSULB Dance, and it is essential for students in order to be active learners and participants in classes and rehearsals.  Unfortunately, eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia nervosa are often byproducts of life in the professional and collegiate world of dance, as well.  CSULB Dance, in conjunction with CSULB Dance Collaborative, will be presenting information to students regarding these issues this year, and all students are encouraged to take advantage.  Additionally, students seeking guidance or information regarding healthy life choices, nutrition, or eating disorders should drop by the Dance Clinic, and are encouraged to speak with Head Athletic Trainer John Siegel regarding these and any other health issues.

Some helpful resources on the CSULB campus. 

  • For those with Work Study Grants, there are positions available in the Dance Main office and Dance Computer Lab. Visit our Job Opportunities page for the lates information on open positions.
  • More work opportunities will be posted as they come.

Mailboxes for all dance majors and minors are located in the east end of the Dance Center, next to Studio 3 on the first floor.  Please notify the CSULB Dance Office Staff if a box needs to be labeled for you.  Students should check mailboxes daily because important information is distributed through the mailbox system within the department.

Lockers in the Dance Center locker/dressing rooms are available to all students enrolling in dance courses, and students may arrange for locker assignments in the CSULB Dance Office.  Lockers must be rented each semester.

A student may work with a CSULB instructor to design an independent project or execute research of an advanced nature in an area of dance.  Directed studies may be designed for 1-3 units, depending upon the nature of and time necessary for the study.  All Directed Studies must be approved—instructor/mentors must fill out the Agreement for DANC 499/599 form (PDF) and submit to the Chair for approval.  Permission to enroll will be granted by Sylvia Rodriguez-Scholz after approval by the Chair.

Students who plan to transfer dance courses from any summer session must get the approval of a CSULB advisor or the Department Chair before the summer class is taken.  Classes taken elsewhere frequently do not equate to CSULB dance major classes in units, hours and/or content.  It is the student's responsibility to request equivalency evaluation before taking the class.  The department is not responsible for transfer of course work taken without consultation and approval.