Student Emergency Intervention and Wellness Program

It has always been a goal of the President's Ambassadors to enrich and support the student community on campus. Weather that be giving informational tours or assisting other organizations with their events, the Ambassadors are committed to positive and successful college experience.

In fall of 2006 they started the Student Emergency Fund in order to give back to a University that has given them so much, and what better way to give back than to ensure the success of fellow students? We believe that raising money and supporting students in need through the Student Emergency Intervention and Wellness Program is another way we can achieve this goal.

What is the Student Emergency Intervention and Wellness Program?

Most financial aid for students is based on predictability and forethought. When students run in to sudden financial difficulty there are no resources available to them.

The CSULB Student Emergency Intervention and Wellness Program is a comprehensive program that identifies and immediately serves some of CSULB's most at-risk students, which include our displaced students, food insecure students, and students experiencing an emergency or crisis.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Be an enrolled CSULB student
  • Be able to demonstrate and urgent financial need ( Supporting documentation is helpful where appropriate)
  • Must have exhausted all sources of financial assistance and aid


  • Displacement: Living in your car; Temporarily staying with friends or family; Living on the street
  • Medical Expense due to hospitalization or severe illness
  • Car Accident: Car repairs/Loss of Transportation