Bachelor of Science in Dance Science

The Bachelor of Science in Dance Science provides students with an interdisciplinary course of study that helps to prepare them for graduate study and careers in dance, dance science, physical therapy, athletic training, or occupational therapy, careers in fitness and somatics, and/or graduate education in the areas of dance science, dance medicine, exercise science, or related dance studies. Through an integrated course of study, our students gain specific skills and knowledge related to dance and kinesiology, learn by doing in applied experiences, and have opportunities for shaping the degree according to areas of individual interest within the specialization. Students interested in the B.S. in Dance Science should meet with the Program Coordinator no later than the start of their 2nd year (earlier for transfer students). Additionally, students must pasBIOL 207BIOL 208, and PSY 100  with a minimum GPA of 2.25 to satisfy the major-specific declaration requirements and before submitting a Change of Major form.

For up-to-date degree requirements, visit the CSULB Catalog.

  1. Perform an anatomical analysis of static and dynamic alignment in dance-movement vocabularies and provide exercises & cues for their improvement.  
  2. Employ key anatomical & biomechanical principles for preventing dance-movement injuries & promoting optimal technique when training as performers or teaching dance-movement techniques.  
  3. Identify, apply, and analyze basic scientific principles of wellness & conditioning for the promotion of lifelong health in dance-movement techniques.  
  4. Demonstrate competency in one or more dance-movement lexicons and dancemaking strategies.  
  5. Describe and analyze the historical, socio-cultural, and aesthetic dimensions of various dance forms.