Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance is designed to prepare students for professional careers as performers and/or choreographers. Students wishing to pursue the BFA in Dance must demonstrate strong technical ability and must audition for the BFA program after successfully completing the following course work with a minimum GPA of 3.0

Students enrolled in required courses at the time of the audition may audition with a signed Grade In Progress form from the instructor(s) of the in-progress courses. Students may not apply after they have completed 90 Timely Graduation Units.

For up-to-date degree requirements, visit the CSULB Catalog.

  1. Majors will demonstrate proficient skills and technique in modern dance and ballet, with competency in jazz dance and hip hop, enabling them to pursue professional dance careers.
  2. Majors will demonstrate competencies in choreographic processes that support the development of creative and collaborative professional opportunities.
  3. Majors will describe the socio-cultural, historical, and scientific dimensions of dance, to give depth and perspective to the performance and pedagogical aspects of the dance discipline.
  4. Majors will develop and demonstrate current methods and relevant strategies necessary to pursue professional careers in dance and dance-related fields.
  5. Majors will demonstrate the skills necessary to analyze and review dance history, concepts, and aesthetic qualities, both orally and in writing.
  6. Majors will demonstrate skills in the production and technological aspects of dance.