Eligible Degree Programs

Currently two CSULB departments, Chemistry and Biochemistry and Biological Sciences, participate in the Bridges to the Doctorate (BTD) program. More information about the specific M.S. programs can be found on the department's web page.

Contacts and Deadlines for Eligible Master's Programs
Master's Programs Advisor/Coordinator Application Deadline
Biology (M.S.) Advisor: Kevin Sinchak

Coordinator: Jennifer Carrillo
January 15
Microbiology (M.S.) Advisor: Kevin Sinchak

Coordinator: Jennifer Carrillo
January 15
Chemistry (M.S.) Advisor: Young-Seok Shon
April 1*
Biochemistry (M.S.) Paul Weers
April 1*

*Chemistry and Biochemistry application deadlines are June 1, but BTD acceptance is dependent on acceptance by the department.

Potential Research Mentors

Dr. Doug Pace and research students

Chemistry and Biochemistry applicants should identify possible research mentors as soon as possible after admission to their degree program. Biology and Microbiology applicants must have a research advisor to be admitted to their degree program. Always check NCBI for the most current list of research publications as some lab websites may not be up-to-date.

Biological Sciences Faculty

Department Website: Biological Sciences

Faculty Research Interest Website or Contact
Dr. Renaud Berlemont microbial genomics and bioinformatics Berlemont lab
Dr. Judy Brusslan plant molecular biology Brusslan lab
Dr. Michael Carlson biological oceanography Michael.Carlson@csulb.edu
Dr. Ashley Carter theoretical and empirical evolutionary biology Carter lab
Dr. Amanda Fisher plant evolution and systematics Fisher lab
Dr. Deborah Fraser molecular mechanisms of the innate immune response Deborah.Fraser@csulb.edu
Dr. Joseph Groom bacteriology and genetics Joseph.Groom@csulb.edu
Dr. Raisa Hernandez-Pacheco population ecology Hernandez-Pacheco lab
Dr. Erika Holland aquatic toxicology Holland lab
Dr. Jiae Lee developmental and cell biology Jiae.Lee@csulb.edu
Dr. Ari Martinez behavioral and community ecology Martinez lab
Dr. Douglas Pace ecological physiology Pace lab
Dr. Peter Ramirez viral pathogenesis, molecular cell biology Peter.Ramirez@csulb.edu
Dr. Kevin Sinchak reproductive behavioral neuroendocrinology, neuroscience, neurosteroids Kevin.Sinchak@csulb.edu
Dr. Ted Stankowich evolutionary behavioral ecology Stankowich lab
Dr. Houng-Wei Tsai epigenetic neuroendocrinology Tsai lab
Dr. Kelly Young reproductive biology Kelly.Young@csulb.edu

Chemistry and Biochemistry Faculty

Department Website: Chemistry and Biochemistry

Faculty Research Interest Website or Contact
Dr. Deepali Bhandari cell biology, protein biochemistry Bhandari Lab
Dr. Paul Buonora organic synthesis and catalysis Buonora Lab
Dr. Elena Grintsevich biochemistry Grintsevich Profile
Dr. Lijuan Li inorganic chemistry, bioinorganic chemistry, nanomaterials Li Profile
Dr. Stephen Mezyk physical chemistry, environmental chemistry, biophysical chemistry Mezyk Lab
Dr. Vasanthy (Vas) Narayanaswami biochemistry, biophysics, structural chemistry, neurobiology Vas Lab
Dr. Michael Schramm supramolecular chemistry, molecular recognition Schramm Lab
Dr. Jason Schwans enzymology Schwans Lab
Dr. Young-Seok Shon macromolecular chemistry, materials science, nanoscience Shon Lab
Dr. Katarzyna Slowinska analytical chemistry, bioanalytical chemistry, bioengineering Slowinska Lab
Dr. Hadi Tavassol materials chemistry, catalysis Tavassol Lab
Dr. M. Paul Weers biochemistry, structural biology Weers Lab