Quantitative Ecology Lab

Postdoctoral Fellow Position Available

We are inviting applications for a postdoctoral fellow in primate population ecology. The position is part of a US National Science Foundation-funded project focused on the evolutionary demography of social mammals with a particular interest in understanding how the social environment experienced by individuals affect the eco-evolutionary dynamics of their populations.

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Our overall goal is to study the processes governing the evolution and maintenance of individual variability within populations. We structure our research on demography and life history theory to address questions regarding population dynamics through the quantification of population fitness and selection gradients on survival and reproduction.

We focus our methods on structured population models and use advanced theoretical biology and statistical modeling to enhance theories in Ecology and Evolutionary Demography.


We are a CSULB research lab holding partnerships with several research and educational groups. We collaborate with the Caribbean Primate Research Center (CPRC) at the University of Puerto Rico and with the Salamander Population and Adaptation Research Collaboration Network (SPARCNet). We also promote diversity in STEM through our partnership with Project Biodiversify the CSULB student club Masters of Biology For Diverse Scientists.


Our research has been supported by the National Science Foundation, the National Institute of Health, and the Animal Models for the Social Dimensions of Health and Aging Research Network.

National Science Foundation (NSF)
National Institutes of Health (NIH)
Animal Models for the Social Dimensions of Health and Aging Research Network