MSMA Curriculum

MS Marketing Analytics Curriculum


Bootcamp will be offered to incoming MSMA students before the first semester.

  • Understanding and exploring data: Data manipulation, description, and visualization
  • Data analysis and visualization tools

Foundation of Marketing

  • MKTG 661 Seminar in Marketing Management
  • MKTG 665 Seminar in Marketing Research

Marketing Analytics and Digital Marketing

  • MKTG 662 Pricing Analytics and Strategy 
  • MKTG 663 Seminar in Digital Marketing and Social Media
  • MKTG 675 Seminar in Marketing Analytics
  • MKTG 677 Advanced Marketing Analytics
  • MKTG 680 Social Media Analytics
  • MKTG 685 Machine Learning in Marketing

Electives (Dependent on Professor Availability)

  • MKTG 628 Seminar in Business-to-Business Marketing
  • MKTG 630 Branding and Integrated Marketing Communications
  • MKTG 690 Marketing Strategies and Analytics for New Products

Culminating Experience

  • MKTG 699  Capstone Project for MSMA (Students work with local businesses and industry leaders to identify marketing opportunities and develop analytical solutions.)

See the university catalog for the course description.

There are two tracks available:  two year track and one year track.