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MS Information Systems FAQ



Is an M.S. for Me?

“One of the hottest growth areas in graduate business education is a master's degree in a specific topic like marketing analytics, finance or management. These one-year specialized master's programs, are for students with little to no work experience and are an excellent way to gain important knowledge and skills that immediately lead to solid positions in the career of your choice.” (Assistant Dean Jeremy Petranka, Fuqua School of Business, Duke University)

What is the cost of the MS Information Systems program?

Cost is approximately $31,500 for the program.  See Program Costs for more information.

Will MS Information Systems applicants be interviewed?

Applicants will not be interviewed; however, a Video Statement of Purpose is required for the Admissions application.

As an international student can I select the "professional" track option or can I only select the "accelerated" format?

International applicants to the MS IS  program can only select the "accelerated" program format to comply with requirements set by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) that requires international students on "F" and "J" visas be enrolled as full time students for the duration of their academic status.

Are MSIS International students eligible for Curricular Practical Training (CPT) during the program?

International students are eligible for CPT once they have completed 9 months in the program.

Do you require work experience?

The MSIS program does not require applicants to have work experience before they apply. However, at least two years of professional work experience will make your application more competitive. MSIS program studies are enhanced and enriched for students who have real-world experiences since they can apply course materials to practice more effectively.

The MSIS Professional track has a minimum 3 years work experience.

What technical skills should I have?

Skills that are needed to succeed in the MSIS program:

  • General MS Office expertise including Spreadsheet and Database.
  • Statistical computing  with  Excel, SAS, or SPSS. 
  • Coding with programming languages including Python, JavaScript, Visual Basic, or HTML. 

Can I apply for an exam waiver (GMAT or GRE)?

If you received your undergraduate degree in Business Administration from an AACSB accredited business school, with at least a 3.0 GPA you would be considered for a test waiver.

Otherwise, if you obtained a quantitative undergraduate degree from a non-business school AND have at least 4 years of significant managerial work experienceOR full-time programming experience, you would be considered for a test waiver.

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What undergraduate degrees are preferred?

B.S. or B.A. degree in Information Systems/Information Technology; Engineering degrees (computer science, computer engineering, bioengineering, electrical, chemical, mechanical, civil, industrial engineering); Natural Sciences (math, statistics, biology, physics, astronomy, chemistry); Health Science, Healthcare Management, Economics, linguistics, , public administration, geography, library science. 

Can I meet with a student or alum?

Absolutely, please contact / 562-985-5565 to set up a day and time to meet with either a student or an alum.

Can I sit in on a class?

Yes, depending on the type of class you would like to visit (e.g. finance, marketing), the Grad Programs Office can arrange that for you. Please contact us at / 562-985-5565.