International Trip to Sydney

Sydney was always in my bucket list and I am so glad that we found the opportunity to visit Sydney and learn entrepreneurial business environment in New South Wales (NSW) as a cohort. It would be impossible to choose only one best moment in our Sydney trip. It is always not the destination, but the journey for me. But this time, both the destination and the journey were more than words can say! As future entrepreneurs, getting informed about NSW governmental support for startups, seeing entrepreneurial environment in Sydney, being able to talk to young and successful CEOs of the cutest startups such as Blys, MadPaws, Spacer, and Car Next Door were priceless. Thanks to the global perspective and comparative analysis of presentations, I learned that NSW within the other states in Australia is very similar to California within the U.S. For instance, they both have more active business service roles compare to their home countries. Therefore, our business trips and international program in Sydney make a lot of sense because we were able to observe a different “California” at the other side of the world.

-Piril, House of Ravenclaw