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Alumni Newsletter February 2019

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February 2019

“Your education is an investment unlike a car, house, or stock…you cannot sell it. 
So, you are explicitly linked to this institution and therefore, responsible for that brand.” -GMAC 2017

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Featured Scholarship Recipients – Anna Rosario Raguindin, Evening MBA


Anna Rosario Raguindin

Anna Rosario Raguindin was the first recipient of the Molina Scholarship for Graduate Business Students. She expressed her appreciation in a Thank You letter to Mr. John C. Molina, “I am deeply grateful to be awarded the John C. Molina MBA Scholarship. I cannot express my gratitude enough but please know that this deeply impacts not only my education but those that continuously believe in my goals and success. 

With the support from this scholarship, I am able to continue my MBA program full-time in spring 2019 and continue to be a full-time employee at the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. After finishing my MBA, I plan to continue to work in the non-profit sector in hopes to strengthen organizations’ efforts to advocate for social responsibility and development through grants, event management, as well as community relations. This support justifies my belief that there are helpers in the midst of conflict in this world. I hope to continue strengthening support for my community through my education.”

Where are they Now? –  Steven Hosokawa, Saturday MBA – Director of Finance/ Controller, Manduka LLC


Steven Hosokawa

I received my MBA from CSULB Saturday MBA program in the summer of 2015. This program was perfect for me, because it enabled me to continue working full time while focusing on academics on Saturday. Although it was very difficult at the time to work on projects and study during the weeknights, and use up one of two weekend days for 23 months, it was very rewarding and worth every Saturday when all was said and done.

The Saturday program was perfect for me because my peers were also working full time and had made the same sacrifice. We motivated and pushed each other in a positive way all the way to graduation. The second year, which was primarily based on group projects, was memorable because it was very similar to an actual professional setting. Different individuals with diverse strengths (different departments per professional setting) working together for the same end goal.

My career has been fast tracked as I moved from an auditor position at Ernst & Young, where I had been during my MBA program, to Manduka LLC, a yoga mat, accessories, and apparel brand where I am currently the Controller / Director of Finance. I believe that my MBA has contributed to my ability to see the big picture and management capabilities, which has led to my professional success.

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Accelerated MBA Students Travel to Sydney, Australia


AMBA13 Students Andrew and Fransiska

This winter, Accelerated MBA students took a trip down under to learn about innovation and entreprenuership from our Australian cousins.

International student, Fransiska Olivia Frisesdal, from Copenhagen, Denmark shared about her experience highlighting “School can only teach you so much, which is why meeting people in the workplace, who have created a business and listening to their experiences is valuable for me as a future entrepreneur.

At a panel discussion I learned not only about entrepreneurship, but also the uniqueness of the Sharing Hub. A sharing community is not only a business but a way of thinking. Visiting the Sharing Hub showed how the sharing economy doesn’t just come down to business but also includes helping each other grow and utilize knowledge from others.

During this trip I realized the amazing focus on startups in Sydney. This includes support from the government through great programs and incentives for new businesses.

This trip has been insightful because of the uniqueness of Sydney. As a European studying in the USA, I believe Sydney is offering the best of both worlds.”

Accelerated MBA Student, Andre Davis, was asked about the most useful thing he learned from the Sydney startups he visited. He responded, “A common theme between all of the startups are the ideas of perseverance and wearing multiple hats to keep the business afloat. As a future entrepreneur, these concepts hit close to home because both are simple in theory yet complex in execution. However, when passion is infused and a sense of belonging is instilled within each individual in the company, a solution will always be found. Failure only exists if we accept it and can be used as a tool to refine innovation.”

When asked about the most exciting site during the trip Andre responded, “I was able to see the Sydney Bridge and Opera house, and both are beautiful. These were things I could not imagine seeing outside of Google or Instagram. However, I am always more excited to interact with people from different cities or nations. I love the laid-back nature of people I have met here and I thrive off their sarcasm. As someone who is uncomfortable in formal and stuffy atmospheres, speaking with professionals who play integral roles in startups that are doing incredible things in a down to earth manner is refreshing.”

The Graduate Business Programs office asked Andre about the most useful thing he learned during the Sydney trip. He responded, “Our class participated in a beach cleanup during our time here and after just an hour of picking up garbage I was shocked at how much we found. I immediately thought about how these types of non-biodegradable items affected Australia, my hometown of Los Angeles, and our global ecosystem. It is easy to become an unknowing participant to the problem without even realizing it. For me moving forward I will be utilizing better ways to safeguard our ecosystem instead of contributing to its destruction. Even small changes make a great impact”

AMBA13 Students at Beach Cleanup

Graduate Business Student Association Holiday Toy Drive


Toys for the Toy Drive

The Graduate Business Student Association (GBSA) in partnership with the CSULB Staff Council, worked to organize a Holiday toy drive this year. The GBSA leadership contacted GBSA Officers in each program to help coordinate the collection efforts. The toys were donated to the Long Beach Fire Department Spark of Love Toy Drive. The GBSA collection effort was a big success, which they hope to replicate next year!

New Programs Launching Fall of 2019

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