Stephen Mezyk


Courses Taught at CSULB

  • CHEM 111B: General Chemistry (kinetics, equilibria, thermodynamics, electrochemistry, and nuclear chemistry)
  • CHEM 112B: Advanced General Chemistry (kinetics, equilibria, thermodynamics, electrochemistry, and nuclear chemistry)
  • CHEM 251: Quantitative Analysis (quantitative analysis of real-world samples, electrochemistry, spectroscopy, GC/MS techniques)
  • CHEM 371B: Physical Chemistry: Quantum Mechanics and Spectroscopy (calculus-based quantum mechanics, spectroscopy, and statistical mechanics)
  • CHEM 373: Physical Chemistry Laboratory
  • CHEM 377A: Fundamentals of Physical Chemistry (thermodynamics applied to biological systems)
  • CHEM 377B: Fundamentals of Physical Chemistry (kinetics, spectroscopy, and quantum mechanics with applications to biochemical systems)
  • CHEM 379: Physical Chemistry for the Biosciences
  • CHEM 574: Kinetics and Dynamics (graduate course in physical chemistry; kinetics, kinetic theory, computational chemistry)
  • GEOL 191: Air and Water Pollution (waste, risks, chemical contaminants, remediation strategies)
  • NSCI 296A: Introduction to Biomedical Research Methods (fundamental basics for new research students)

Research Interests

Nuclear Chemistry

  • Free-radical-induced degradation of metal ion-extraction ligands and solvents used in nuclear chemistry
  • Radical kinetics, plus degradation and extraction efficiency studies of the steady-state radiolysis of organic ligand systems used for transuranic ion extractions for waste fuel recycling performed in both the aqueous and organic phases.
  • Complexation kinetics of lanthanides and actinide ions under process conditions
  • Stopped-flow kinetic and thermodynamic measurements of f-element ion complexations by organic ligands in both aqueous and organic phases.  
  • Thermal and radiation-induced actinide chemistry in higher oxidation states:
  • Kinetic modelling of thermal and radiation-induced chemistry of the higher oxidation states of actinides in the acidic aqueous phase.

Wastewater Remediation Chemistry

  • Free radical kinetic and mechanistic chemistry for remediation of wastewaters for direct potable reuse
  • Determining rate constants and mechanisms for reactions of multiple reducing and oxidizing radicals with chemical contaminants in various quality waters
  • Kinetic modelling of Advanced Oxidation Process treatment of contaminated wastewater
  • Radical-based kinetics and efficiencies for removal of pharmaceuticals, drugs and their metabolites, and personal care products from drinking and wastewaters

Chemical Carcinogenesis Chemistry

  • Mechanisms of redox chemistry involved in chemical carcinogenesis
  • Free-radical production kinetics and mechanisms in the redox chemistry of carcinogens
  • Metal ion-ligand biochemical systems for use in cancer treatment therapies
  • Radical reaction induced redox chemistry of complexed metal ions in aqueous solution under physiological conditions

Nanoplastics Chemistry

  • Free radical based removal of plastic waste from water systems
  • Determining rate constants and reaction mechanisms for reactions of reducing and oxidizing radicals with plastics and components in various quality waters

Selected Publications

* indicates students

  • Wang, Y.; Mezyk, S.P.; McLachlan, J.R.; Grimes, T.S.; Zalupski, P.R.; O’Bryan, H.M.T.; Cook, A.R., Abergel, R.J.; Horne, G.P., Radiolytic Evaluation of 3,4,3-LI(1,2-HOPO) in Aqueous Solutions. J. Phys. Chem. B, 127, 3931-3938, (2023). 
  • Fennell, B.D.*; Mezyk, S.P.; McKay, G., Critical Review of UV-Advanced Reduction Processes for the Treatment of Contaminants in Water. American Chemical Society Environmental Au 2, 178-205, (2022). 
  • Peller, J.R.; Mezyk, S.P.; Shidler, S.; Castleman, J.*; Kaiser, S.*; Faulkner, R.F.*; Pilgrim, C.D.; Wilson, A.*; Martens, S.*; Horne, G.P., Facile nanoplastics formation from macro and microplastics in aqueous media. Env. Pollut., 120171, 2022. 
  • Celis-Barros, C.; Pilgrim, C.; Cook, A.; Mezyk, S.P.; Grimes, T.; Horne, G.P., Influence of Uranyl Complexation on the Reaction Kinetics of the Dodecane Radical Cation with Used Nuclear Fuel Extraction Ligands (TBP, DEHBA, and DEHiBA). Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 23, 24589-24597, (2021). 
  • Toigawa, T.; Peterman, D.R.; Meeker, D. S.*; Grimes, T.S.; Peter R. Zalupski, P.R.; Mezyk, S.P.; Cook, A.R.; Yamashita, S.; Kumagai, Y.; Matsumura, T.; Horne, G.P., Radiation-Induced Effects on the Extraction Properties of Hexa-n-octylnitrilo-triacetamide (HONTA) Complexes of Americium and Europium. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 23, 1343-1351, (2021).
  • Horne, G.P.*; Zalupski, P.R.*; Daubaras, D.L.; Rae, C.; Mezyk, S.P.; Mincher, B.J., Radiolytic Degradation of Formic Acid and Formate in Aqueous Solution – Modeling the Final Stages of Organic Mineralization Under Advanced Oxidation Process Conditions. Water Research, 186, 116314, (2020).

Education History

  • Ph.D., Chemistry, University of Melbourne, Australia, 1989

Work Experience

  • 08/2009 - present: Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, CSU Long Beach, Long Beach, CA
  • 05/1986 - present: Visiting Scholar Appointment, Radiation Laboratory, Notre Dame, IN
  • 06/2002 - present: Visiting Appointment, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Long Island, NY
  • 08/2017 - present: Visiting Scientist, Idaho National Laboratory, Idaho Falls, ID