Faculty & Students Win Awards at CSUPERB 2020

The 2020 CSUPERB annual symposium took place from Jan 16-18 in Santa Clara, California.  Our very own Prof. Vas Narayanaswami was selected as the winner of the very prestigious and competitive CSUPERB 2020 Faculty Research Award, and she gave an excellent talk which was much appreciated by all the attendees. It is a great honor to have this award come to Long Beach this year!

Biochem faculty at the 2020 CSUPERB symposium
CSULB Biochemistry Faculty at the 2020 CSUPERB Symposium: Profs. Elena Grintsevich, Paul Weers, Vas Narayanaswami, Deepali Bhandari, and Jason Schwans.


Prof Vas with Students at CSUPERB symposium
Prof. Vas (center) with research students from her laboratory at the 2020 CSUPERB symposium.


In addition to Prof. Vas' recognition, two undergraduate students from our Department were recognized: Kyla Anderson from Vas lab and Jude Khatib from Bhandari lab were awarded prestigious Howell-CSUPERB Fellowships!  

CSUPERB 2020 Howell Receipients
CSUPERB 2020 Howell Award recipients, including CSULB undergraduate researchers Kyla Anderson (second from right) and Jude Khatib (far right). 


We also had two students (Angela Bui from Tian lab and Anh Nguyen from Bhandari lab) among the 8 finalists for the Glenn Nagel Undergraduate Research award.  

CSUPERB 2020 Nagel recipients
CSUPERB 2020 Nagel finalists, including undergraduate CSULB researchers Anh Nguyen and Angela Bui (front row: second and third from left, respectively).


Overall, CSULB had excellent participation at this symposium, with 42 faculty and students representing at least three colleges - CNSM, CHHS, and COE), the majority of which were from the CNSM (Chemistry, Biology, and Physics). 


Details on the 2020 ABRCMS event can be found at CSUPERB.