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CSULB Students win at the 2019 CSU Student Research Competition

Published September 1, 2019

The 33rd Annual CSU Student Research Competition was held at CSU FUllerton on April 26-27.

All 23 CSU campuses were represented by over 200 graduate and undergraduate student groups. Only students who were endorsed by their campus may enter this competition, usually by a school-wide preliminary research competition. However, only 44 student groups could win 1st and 2nd place awards in each of the 22 divisions.

CSULB won 4 awards in total: 3 first place and 1 second place.

A talk entitled "Rapid Enantiomer Ratio Determination of P-Chiral Compounds with Eu(hfc)3" by Phillippe Ly (Nakayama Lab), pictured below, won 2nd place in the Graduate Division of Physical and Mathematical Sciences.

Phillippe Ly