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Faculty Textbook Adoptions

textbook requisition video link

The online requisition system is powered through Verba Software and can be completed in three simple steps. If you have not used the program before, or would like a refresher, please take 3-4 minutes to watch the video tutorial above. 


Online System Login

Click Here to submit/review your requisition.

CSULB Due Dates for HEOA and Accessibility Guidelines

Winter 2021: Friday, October 30, 2020

Spring 2021: Friday, October 30, 2020

Last Day for Changes to Ensure On-Time Arrival of Textbooks*

Winter 2021: 

Spring 2021: 

*not including delays with textbook vendors

​Gaining Access

New Users: It takes about 24-48 hours for the campus schedule information to transfer into the online requisition system. New users get created daily via the CSULB email address (, where a personalized link will be sent once created. You can check if your email has been created in the online requisition system by clicking the “Reset My Password” button on the Online Requisition System Login page.

Past/Current Users: You can login via the link under “Online Requisition System Login”. If you have never set a password, click the “Reset My Password” button, and an email will be sent to you with a personalized link and a link to create/reset your password.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are textbook requisitions due so early?

Textbook requisitions are due early to comply with HEOA and the CSULB Academic Senate Policy 08-11, which are both essential to keeping costs down and making sure course materials are accessible. Also, it takes time to research all title information submitted to us (new editions, stock availability, rental eligibility, cheaper formats, used books for end-of-term buyback, etc.) and get books on the shelves on time. 

Can I still turn in my textbook adoption after the deadline? What if I want to make changes?

Of course you can! We understand that there may be schedule changes or even curriculum changes. Please know that the earlier you let us know, the better for everyone. Changing a book could result in more costs, books not arriving on time, and/or students having to go through refunds and exchanges.

What if I’m not using a textbook? What if the textbook I’m using is the same as last semester?

If you are not using a textbook, you still need to submit a textbook requisition with “No Text Required”. If you are using the same textbook as last semester, you still need to let us know by submitting a textbook requisition every semester.

Why doesn’t the Bookstore order 100% of enrollment?

Our order decisions are based on sales history and stock availability. Even though a class may have 50 students, we know that not all 50 students will purchase from the bookstore. Last semester, we may have sold only 15 books, which is why we decided to bring in 20 books this semester.

In addition, students are savvy shoppers. We know they’ll shop the online marketplace first (Amazon, Half, Chegg, etc.). We also know that some students share books, while others wait to see if they can pass the class without ever buying the book.

Every semester, we return tens of thousands of unsold books back to publishers. If ever we do run out of books, students always have the option of placing an online order, which gets placed on backorder. Once the book arrives from the publisher and the online order is processed, an email notification will be sent to the student.