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The university pursues a wide variety of ambitious goals related to creating a more sustainable and resilient campus, mitigating the effects of climate change, and raising awareness about critical environmental and climate justice issues. This work is carried out by many departments and groups across the university. Please refer to the list below for information about where to direct your specific questions and learn how you can get involved! 

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Reports to: Beach Building Services (Division of Administration and Finance)

The Office of Sustainability is responsible for developing and implementing university-wide sustainability programs and initiatives and coordinating with other campus partners to achieve sustainability goals.

Responsibilities of the Office of Sustainability include but are not limited to: 

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Holli fajack
Holli Fajack, Sustainability Manager
nanci torress sustainability specialist
Nanci Torres Poblano, Sustainability Specialist




Reports to: Division of Administration and Finance 

Beach Building Services is one of the largest campus departments. BBS is responsible for a wide variety of activities related to physical planning, facilities management, and construction management at the university. BBS is also the department that houses the Office of Sustainability. BBS is committed to developing and maintaining the most resource efficient, safe, and sustainable campus environment possible to support students and the university's educational mission. 

Responsibilities of Beach Building Services include but are not limited to: 

  • Planning, designing and constructing campus buildings and other facilities
  • Maintaining the campus infrastructure, buildings, landscaping, and athletic fields
  • Developing and implementing energy and water conservation programs and projects
  • Overseeing waste management operations and custodial services
  • Ensuring compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) 
  • Maintaining the central plant, the facility that heats and cools campus buildings
  • Adhering to building code and green building standards in construction projects  
  • Managing the campus’ fleet of vehicles, a large percentage of which are electric vehicles
  • Developing and implementing the campus Master Plan, Clean Energy Master Plan, Landscape Master Plan, and Climate Action and Adaptation Plan
  • Ensuring environmental health and safety are maintained through proper procedures and handling of hazardous materials

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If you see an issue with campus facilities, you can send text and photos to Service Response at 562.985.HELP

Physical Planning


Design & Construction Services


Environmental Health & Safety


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Reports to: President’s Office

The President's Commission on Sustainability is a body made up of faculty, staff, administrators, students, and community partners who help to define and advance the university’s sustainability priorities and advise the President and campus community on sustainability-related policy matters.  The elected and appointed PCS Commissioners are the members who vote on which initiatives to pursue and how to allocate the PCS’s budget.  

Any member of the campus community may join the PCS Network and one or more of the subcommittees of the PCS, which take the lead on developing and implementing programs and policies, in collaboration with the Office of Sustainability. 

Responsibilities of the Office of President's Commission on Sustainability include but are not limited to: 

  • Develop and support initiatives that integrate sustainability into all aspects of campus life.
  • Integrate sustainability into the University’s Strategic Plan activities and initiatives through active engagement.
  • Increase partnerships and collaboration with the City of Long Beach and the greater regional community with the goal of achieving shared sustainability goals.
  • Involve and engage faculty, staff and students in sustainability practices and activities through instruction, outreach, and student life activities.
  • Oversee and administer the Climate Justice and Sustainability Across the Curriculum Faculty Workshop
  • Oversee the Sustainability Fellows program 
  • Involve and engage faculty, staff and students in sustainability practices and activities through instruction, outreach, and student life activities. 

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PCS Co-Chairs

Holli fajack
Holli Fajack, Sustainability Manager
Kimberly Photo Potrait
Dr. Kim Kelly, Chair and Associate Professor of Human Development        

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Reports to: Associated Students, Inc (Division of Student Affairs) 

Sustain U is the student-driven sustainability group under Associated Students, Inc (ASI). The Sustain U team focuses mainly on implementing sustainability initiatives in ASI-operated facilities and providing educational workshops and programs to help educate students and achieve ASI and university-wide sustainability goals.  

Responsibilities of the Office of Sustain U include but are not limited to: 

  • Maintaining Grow Beach, coordinating garden volunteers, and overseeing the food harvesting and donations program that directly benefits ASI Lauren Chalmers '83  Beach Pantry.
  • Coordinating [http://compost%20happens,/]Compost Happens, an education program
  • Hosting Trash Talkers tabling events to educate the community about proper waste diversion
  • Overseeing implementation of sustainability initiatives for all Student Auxiliary Services.  Some initiatives are hydration stations, plastic water bottle removal from buildings, reducing water usage by changing shower spouts, toilet flushers, sink faucets
  • Hosting educational workshops throughout the school year, including during Sustainability Month (October) and Earth Month (April)

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Sustain U’s team of student assistants is overseen by:

Arnecia Bryant, Director of Facilities Operations & Sustainability

Kimberly Cruz, Special Projects &Initiatives Coordinator

Meet the current student assistants on the Sustain U Webpage

Reports to: Dr. Miles Nevin, Executive Director of Auxiliary Enterprises

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Beach Shops is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that has been a partner to the campus community since 1953 and manages the University Bookstore, several retail food operations, along with the dining halls in the student residences. Beach Shops is committed to enriching student life and supporting the educational process, while maintaining a commitment to environmental protection and integrating eco-friendly practices into their daily operations. Additionally, the Shops take pride in working relationships with business and campus partners who also share this strategic vision in protecting our environment.

Responsibilities of Beach Shops include but are not limited to: 

  • Operating the University Bookstore and University Art Store  
  • Operating the Outpost Grill, Nugget Grill & Pub, and Caffeine Lab in the University Library
  • Operating Beach Convenience Stores throughout campus  
  • Operating Residential Dining Halls 

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Cyndi Farrington, Director of Bookstore Services 

Food & Dining

Alfredo Macias, Director of Residential Dining 

Margie Ramirez, Associate Director of Retail Dining & Operations 

Reports to: Parking and Transportation Services (Division of Administration and Finance) 

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Sustainable Transportation is a department within Parking and Transportation Services tasked with providing our students, staff, and faculty with sustainable alternatives to driving single-occupant vehicles to campus. Their mission is to minimize the amount of drive-alone travel to campus by providing free or discounted sustainable transportation options and promoting the various programs that are available to our campus community.    

Responsibilities of Sustainable Transportation include but are not limited to: 

  • Administering and managing the programs that provide discounted bus passes, reduced rate EV charging, rental car services via Zipcar, discounted Bike Share memberships,  
  • Promoting sustainable commute modes such as biking, walking, carpooling, micromobility, and zero-emission vehicles through outreach events and communications  
  • Advising on development of campus policies related to sustainable transportation modes such as campus wheel paths, e-scooters, and EV charging stations  
  • Offering personalized commute planning to assist students, faculty, and staff in exploring more sustainable commute options and reducing the carbon footprint of their commute to campus 
  • Administering the annual employee commute survey and reporting the results to the South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD)  
  • Assisting the Office of Sustainability with data collection for annual greenhouse gas emissions inventories 

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562-985-RIDE (7433) 

Julia Garcia, Sustainable Transportation Coordinator 

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Reports to: Student Affairs 

Creating a sustainable, resilient campus community is also about ensuring that the most vulnerable among us have equitable access to food and shelter. The CSULB Basic Needs department supports students facing displacement, homelessness, food insecurity, emergencies, or crises. They provide services and resources to help students overcome obstacles and succeed academically. 

Responsibilities of Basic Needs include but are not limited to: 

  • Providing immediate assistance to students who have been displaced, or who are experiencing homelessness, food insecurity, an emergency, and/or a crisis.   
  • Providing food aid through programs such as Calfresh and Beach Bites 
  • Offering housing assistance and support for students 
  • Providing emergency fund assistance during financial crises  
  • Connecting students with resources and offer additional support in health related or medical emergencies  

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Reports to: Associated Students, Inc (Division of Student Affairs)

The Laurén Chalmers '83 Beach Pantry operates as the official food pantry for CSULB students. The pantry provides food items for students in need, supporting equitable, free access to food and promoting resilience and student success.  

 Responsibilities of Beach Pantry include but are not limited to:   

  • Operate ASI Beach Kitchen and provide students access to learning how to prepare nutritional meals for their well-being
  • Provide  pantry stables to ensure accessibility for all students

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