Food & Dining

The majority of the food and dining venues on campus are operated and managed by the 49er Shops, which also operates the Campus Bookstore and Art Store. Forty-Niner Shops’ dining and food venues consist of 7 restaurants, 3 Residential Dining Halls, four convenience stores, 2 Beach carts, and 3 coffee and juice shops.

The 49er Shops are dedicated to promoting sustainability and protecting the environment. This corporate-wide philosophy is shared by the 49er Shops’ entire workforce and reflected in its daily operations, which focus on decreasing carbon emissions, promoting recycling and conservation at all of its locations, and giving back to the community.

Commitment to Local, Sustainable Foods

The 49er Shops purchases products from local vendors and promotes a sustainable menu in all dining locations. The 49er Shops shows its commitment to local and sustainable foods by serving at all of its dining locations:

  • Fair trade and/or organic coffee
  • Only cage free eggs
  • Only hormone free local chicken and beef
  • Seasonal, fresh produce, a portion of which is purchased from local Farmers Markets
  • Local, artisan breads
  • A range of vegetarian and vegan options

The 49er Shops is also part of the Real Food Challenge, a directive by the CSU Chancellor’s Office to achieve 20 percent Real Food by 2020.

Vegetarian/Vegan Options

In 2015, the 49er Shops was recognized by PETA for going above and beyond to provide students with vegan options and remains committed to increasing the number of vegetarian and vegan menu items at all dining locations. Vegetarian items are indicated by a green leaf on most menus and special signage at residential dining halls. The Dining Halls each have a dedicated vegetarian and vegan section which provides a diverse rotating menu of delicious, nutritious dishes.

Food in the USU

Associated Students, Inc. selects and contracts the food vendors located in the University Student Union. To share your suggestions and comments about the food options in the USU, contact Associated Students, Inc.