Environmentally Preferable Purchasing

Every item that we purchase has an impact on the environment due to the resources that were used to create, transport, operate, and dispose of that item.

CSULB’s Procurement and Contractual Services Department seeks to increase awareness about the impact of the university's purchasing habits and promote and facilitate the purchase of products that have reduced or minimal environmental impact.

The department achieves these goals by developing a dialogue with suppliers about the importance of environmental stewardship and encouraging them to include environmentally friendly products in their catalogues. At the same time, they work to educate departments about the importance of selecting sustainable products and services, and empower faculty and staff to select environmentally friendly products whenever possible.

The CSU mandates that all contractors/bidders certify the minimum percentage, if not the exact percentage, of post-consumer recycled content in the products, materials, goods, or supplies sold or offered to the CSU. The state also requires that this information be included in a mandated Recycle Content Report (RCP).

Beach Shops, Inc., which operates the campus Bookstore, convenience stores, and the majority of the food and dining facilities on campus, is committed to conducting its business affairs in a socially responsible and ethical manner. As such, the Shops are affiliated with two outstanding organizations promoting these values: The Fair Labor Association (FLA), a collaborative effort of universities, civil society organizations, and socially responsible companies dedicated to protecting workers’ rights around the world; and Sumerra, a global service provider in social responsibility, health and safety, and environmental sustainability.