Clubs & Organizations

The following student clubs and organizations have self-identified as groups that focus on exploring or promoting some aspect of sustainability.

The CSULB Environmental Science & Policy Club spreads awareness, education, and appreciation of the environment in conjunction with promoting sustainability on and off campus.

The Outdoor Adventure Club is designed to provide a community for individuals seeking to share wilderness adventures. These adventures can vary from simple day hikes to long expeditions including: climbing, backpacking, surfing, kayaking, mountaineering, and more.

The Geography Student Association finds events and programming that suits geography major/minor students including lectures, land restoration projects, networking events, cultural dinners and more. We welcome Geography majors, minors, certificates, and those simply interested!

The CSULB Cycling Club is determined to promote cycling as a fun, valued and sustainable transportation choice on and off campus through community, advocacy and education!

ESW is a not profit network comprised of students, faculty and professionals who are dedicated to building a more sustainable world for current and future generations. Their mission is to bring innovative and lasting engineering solutions to local and global sustainability challenges.

The Marine Biology Student Association is a student run organization where people interested in marine life and science can come together and form a like-minded and passionate cohort. Members are not only encouraged to discuss current events in marine biology but also to make friends and socialize through off campus events like beach clean ups and local snorkeling trips.

Sustain U is an ad hoc committee that focuses on creating an awareness of sustainability throughout the Associated Students Inc. (ASI), the University Student Union (USU), and the University as a whole. Sustain U members include students, often elected student leaders, and full-time staff members representing the various functions of ASI/USU. Student membership in Sustain U or even intermittent attendance at our meetings remains open to anyone interested. Learn more.

The mission of the “Trash Talkers” educational program is to get students that utilize the USU dining areas to become aware of the Compost Happens program and participate in composting efforts in the Student Union. Students interested in becoming “Trash Talkers” are trained by the USU Sustainability Assistants to educate students, staff, and faculty dining in the USU about composting and recycling and inform them about the university’s Zero Waste goal. Learn more.