Sustainability Champions

Are you an employee who wants to contribute to creating a culture of sustainability at The Beach? Become a Sustainability Champion!

The Sustainability Champions program was developed by the Office of Sustainability to educate and mobilize faculty and staff around sustainability issues on campus and in their communities. The goal of the program is to support the creation of a campus-wide network of employee leaders who are trained through a series of Lunch-and-Learn sessions, workshops, and field trips to help increase awareness, encourage broader participation in sustainable practices, and foster a culture of sustainability at the Beach!

Sustainability Champions will meet once a month during the academic year to explore a wide variety of topics ranging from environmental and social justice to the metrics used to measure sustainability efforts here on campus. 

Role & Expectations of Sustainability Champions

  • Attend at least two Lunch-and-Learn sessions per year.
  • Distribute sustainability-related announcements, news, policies, and event information shared by the Office of Sustainability and President’s Commission via department meetings, emails, social media posts, department newsletters, etc.
  • Share sustainability-related awards, scholarships, and employment/internship opportunities with students.
  • Participate in the Green Office Program (as the Green Office Lead or otherwise if that role is already filled)
  • Provide data upon request for sustainability assessments, reports, and surveys
  • Take the lead in implementing sustainability best practices in your area/department and helping to educate your colleagues
  • Provide feedback upon request for sustainability pilot projects and initiatives in development
  • Encouraged to participate in Sustainability Month and Earth Month activities and events, time permitting.

Why should you become a Sustainability Champion?

As a Sustainability Champion, you will have the opportunity to meet like-minded folks from across the university who care about fostering a more ethical and environmentally responsible campus community. You will be recognized as a campus leader who is helping the university achieve its sustainability and climate action goals while also taking valuable knowledge and strategies back to your department and your community.

As a way to recognize our Sustainability Champions on campus, participants will receive:

  • A certificate of appreciation
  • Letter of recognition signed by the PCS Co-Chairs and President
  • A digital “badge” that can be used in their email signature
  • Sustainability Champion decal to be displayed on their office door or workstation
  • Their name and department listed on CSULB Sustainability webpage
  • Sustainability Champion branded apparel and/or swag (contingent on funding)

Eligibility and Time Commitment

Full and part-time employees (faculty, staff, and administrators) of the university and its auxiliaries may participate in the program, regardless of their job title or responsibilities. At this time, student employees are not eligible to participate.

One Champion per campus department is ideal, however, larger departments can designate more than one if desired. Academic Colleges may specify a college-wide Champion in addition to those at the department level.

Interested individuals must obtain approval from their supervisor to participate in the program.

In addition to attending a minimum of one 1-hour Lunch-and-Learn session per semester, Sustainability Champions should expect to spend no more than 1 – 2 hours per semester promoting and supporting sustainability efforts as described in the above Role & Expectations section.

How to Participate

If you are interested in representing your department or college in the Sustainability Champions Program, please obtain approval from your supervisor first and then click the link below to complete the registration form: 


For questions, please reach out to