Scholarships & Funding

Research Funding and Opportunities

CSULB Office of Research & Economic Development

ORED is dedicated to promoting research and other scholarly activities that contribute to the mission of the University. Visit the ORED website for information about internal and external funding to support faculty and student work.

Interested in staying current on sustainability-related RFPs? Check out ORSP’s email alert service and use “sustainability” as your key word.

Other Resources

Sustainability-Related Scholarships

The following is a brief list of opportunities for students who have either demonstrated leadership in environmental/sustainability research and activities, or students who are studying for a career in an environmental or sustainability-related field. Visit the CSI website to search for additional opportunities.

Campus Scholarship Resources

CSULB Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships

CSULB’s Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships is a great resource for current and incoming CSULB undergraduate and graduate students interested in finding scholarship opportunities. Check out the & BeachScholarships website and scholarship search tool.

CSULB College-Specific Scholarships

The following links will direct you to scholarships being offered by each of the individual colleges.