Educating our students about the interconnectedness of environmental, social, and economic issues is an essential part of achieving our campus sustainability goals. Perhaps more importantly, it is vital for ensuring that our institution is sending engaged and thoughtful individuals into the world with the knowledge and skills they need to contribute to creating a more sustainable world.

Sustainability Curriculum

The courses below are included on CSULB’s list of Sustainability Curriculum offerings because their course syllabi and/or Standard Course Outlines explicitly meets the reporting standards that are outlined in the Academics credit of the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education’s (AASHE) Sustainability Tracking, Assessment, Rating System (STARS) Report.

For the purposes of this inventory, we define the ways in which sustainability concepts are integrated into the coursework and learning outcomes using the following two definitions as adopted by AASHE:

Sustainability-focused courses are courses whose title or description must indicate a primary and explicit focus on sustainability. The course title or description does not have to use the term “sustainability” to count as sustainability- focused if the primary and explicit focus of the course is on the interdependence of ecological and social/economic systems or a major sustainability challenge (e.g. climate change).

Sustainability-inclusiveare courses whose course description or rationale provided in the course inventory must indicate that the course incorporates a unit or module on sustainability or a sustainability challenge, includes one or more sustainability-focused activity, or integrates sustainability challenges, issues, and concepts throughout the course.

*denotes capstone GE course

**denotes capstone and writing-intensive GE

Sustainability-Focused Courses

DESN 268/368: History and Theory of Sustainability in Design

UHP 201: Sustainability and Technology in Los Angeles - Honors

Sustainability-Inclusive Courses

ART 223 Intermediate Typography

DESN 300: Designers in their Own Words

DESN 333B: Industrial Design Methodology B

DESN 340: Interior Design Process and Theory

DESN 341A: Interior Design

DESN 341B: Interior Design

DESN 441A: Advanced Interior Design

DESN 441B: Advanced Interior Design

Sustainability-Focused Courses

MGMT 459: Sustainable Business Management

MKTG 405: Green Marketing and Sustainability

MKTG 495: Sustainability and Marketing

MKTG 695: Sustainability and Marketing

MKTG 667: Marketing and Sustainability

GBA 600: Sustainability and the Business Organization

GBA 601: Sustainability and the Business Organization II

GBA 699: Capstone in Sustainability

Sustainability-Inclusive Courses

CBA 300: International Business

GBA 690: Seminar in an MBA International Experience

GBA 695: Sustainability and the Business Organization III

MKTG 615: Marketing Management

Sustainability-Focused Courses

CE 325: Transportation Safety and Sustainability

CE 466: Environmental Systems Design

CE 568: Renewable Resources and Energy

CEM 481: Sustainability in the Built Environment

CHE 433/533: Green Engineering I: Alternative Energy

ENGR 130: Health, Energy, Environment, Transportation

ENGR 302: Energy and Environment: A Global Perspective

ENGR 390: Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for Sustainability**

Sustainability-Inclusive Courses

CE 101: Introduction to Civil Engineering and Construction Engineering Management

CE 364H: Environmental Engineering I: Fundamentals

CE 406: Project Cost-Benefit Analysis*

CE 426: Transportation Engineering

CE 427L: Highway Design Laboratory 1

CE 438L: Hydraulic Design 1 Laboratory

CE 464: Environmental Engineering II: Unit Processes

CEM 490: Construction Project Management*

CHE 445/545: Pollution Prevention

CHE 470: Chemical Engineering Design

CHE 475/575: Environmental Pollution

CHE 485/585: Air Pollution

ENGR 392: Water: People, Politics, and Processes

EE 554: Power Systems Economics and Applications

EE 556: Solar Power Systems

MAE 336: Power Plant Design

MAE 371: Analytical Mechanics II (Dynamics)

Sustainability-Focused Courses

HFHM 370: Exploring a Sustainable Food System**

PPA 510: Urban Environmental Governance

REC 468: Sustainable Tourism Planning & Development

Sustainability-Inclusive Courses

DPT 701C: Anatomy for Physical Therapy III

EMER 540: Emergency Management Organizations: Constructs for Influencing Complex Systems

CAFF 228: Housing in Global Perspectives

FMD 255: Fashion Industry Ethics & Social Responsibility

FSCI 101: Franken Food: Fact and Science Fiction

HCA 422: Global Issues in Health Services*

HFHM 276: Food Production & Service in Hospitality Management

HM 276: Food Production

HSC 420: International Health*

PPA 510: Urban Environmental Governance

REC 168: Introduction to Travel and Tourism

REC 243C: Desert Expedition (3)

REC 423: Facility Design Operations

REC 431: Recreation Resource Management

REC 437: Access and Equity of Parks

REC 467: Ecotourism Development

REC 468: Tourism Planning and Development

REC 480: Philosophy of Rec & Leisure

Sustainability-Focused Courses

AIS 336: Indigenous Philosophies of Sustainability*

ASAM 350: Environmental Justice

ECON 406: Applied Environmental and Natural Resource Economics

ESP 392: Climate Action & Sustainability at CSULB* 

ESP 350: Environmental Politics

ESP 450/GEOG 450: Environmental Sustainability and Social Justice

GEOG 101: Society and the Environment

GEOG 354: The Anthropocene: Earth in the Era of Humans

GEOG 359: Coastal and Marine Science and Policy

GEOG 469/569: Communities, Democracy & Spatial Justice

I/ST 342: Powering the Future

POSC 314: Environmental Law

POSC 494: Politics of the Future

SOC 410: Environmental Sociology*

SUST 601: Sustainability & Society

SUST 602: Sustainability Science

SUST 603: Sustainability Case Studies

SUST 604: Data Analytics and Sustainability

SUST 605: Sustainability and Organization Theory

SUST 606: Environmental Law, Politics, and Ethics

SUST 607: Decision Making and Uncertainty

SUST 608: Benefit Cost Analysis

SUST 609: Environmental Economics and Policy

SUST 610: Sustainability and Strategic Management

SUST 699A: Project Orientation and Support        

SUST 699B: Applied professional Project

WGSS 424: Gendering Environmental Justice

Sustainability-Inclusive Courses

AMST 152: Surfing and American Culture

AMST 310: Foodways in Contemporary America

AMST 350: California Culture*

AMST 419: The Suburbs

AMST 421: Animals in American Culture

AMST 467: Histories and Cultures of Long Beach

COMM 439: Communications and Popular Culture

CWL 412i: Art & Literature: Myths of Pygmalion & Prometheus*

ECON 306: Environmental Issues of the World Economy*

ECON 462/562: Environmental Economics

ECON 463/563: Energy Economics

ECON 464/564: Natural Resource Economics

ENGL 444: Literature and Environment*

FMD 255: Fashion Industry & Social Responsibility

FMD 452: Apparel Draping

FMD 457: Global Trade for Fashion

GEOG 130: Geography of Weather and Climate

GEOG 304: California*

GEOG 340: Environmental Geography

GEOG 355i/IST 355: International Environmental Issues**

GEOG 444: Climatology

GEOG 440: Land and Water Resources

GEOG 447: Landscape Restoration

GEOG 448/548: Environmental Assessment

GEOG 455: People as Agents of Environmental Change

GEOG 464: Urban Geography: Sustainable Cities

GEOG 467/567: Urban Geography: Metropolitan Problems

GEOG 564/564: Urban Geography: Sustainable Cities

GEOL 280: Water Resources and Society

HIST 390: The Environmental Evolution of Asia

HIST 464: Latin American Environmental History*

HIST 482: Recent American Environmental History*

IST 350: Water: People, Politics, and Processes

IST 355: International Environmental Issues**

LING 593: Practicum in TESOL

MAIA 605: International Economics Development

PSY 381: Introduction to Industrial-Organizational Psychology

POSC 494i: Politics of the Future*

RST 101: Religion at the Movies

WGSS 424: Women and Environmental Justice

Sustainability-Focused Courses

BIOL 211: Evolution & Diversity

CHEM 385/PHYS 385: Materials Science

GEOL 303: Coastal Systems and Human Impacts

Sustainability-Inclusive Courses

BIOL 200: General Biology

BIOL 350: General Ecology

BIOL 353: Marine Biology

BIOL 420/520: Fisheries Ecology and Conservation

BIOL 450/550: Plant Ecology

BIOL 451/551: Wetlands and Mangrove Ecology

BIOL 459/559: Conservation Biology

GEOL 191: Air and Water Pollution

GEOL 280: Water Resources and Society

GEOL 300: Earth Systems and Global Change*

GEOL 303: Coastal Systems and Human Impacts

GEOL 445: Paleoclimatology

GEOL 474/574: Physical Hydrology

SCED 500: Teaching Science K-8, Life Science

Sustainability-Inclusive Courses

UHP 301: Politics and Policy in Los Angeles*