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Students are encouraged to apply for University Housing once they have been admitted to the university. Remember that University Housing is not guaranteed. Do not make assumptions or rely on information from other students or campus offices. Refer to Frequently Asked Questions for more information. Further questions can be directed to the Housing and Residential Life Office. Thank you for your interest and we welcome you to The Beach!


2024-2025 Academic Year Housing Application

  • Continuing Applicants: Defined as students who are currently residing on-campus with University Housing or have previously been on-campus residents.

  • New Applicants: Refer to incoming freshmen and transfers, or any students who are applying for the first time with University Housing, regardless of class level.

Continuing Application Window:
  • Wednesday, March 20th at 10 AM - Wednesday, March 27th at 5 PM PST.
  • Students complete the online application through the Housing Portal (accessible through your MyCSULB SSO)
  • A $275 non-refundable service fee payment is required to complete the application.
Continuing Housing Confirmation Process:
  • All completed applications will be randomized.
    • The first 450 students in random generated list will be granted a space in housing.
  • All remaining students will be placed on a Paid Continuing waitlist based upon their order in the randomized system.
  • Paid Continuing waitlist confirmations are based on the number of Continuing cancellations.

New Application Window:
  • Wednesday, April 3rd at 10 AM PST - Wednesday, May 15th at 11:59 PM PST (Priority Deadline)
How to Apply:
  • Step 1 - You must be admitted to the university and have set-up a MyCSULB account.
    • You cannot apply for housing if you are currently waitlisted to CSULB.
  • Step 2 - Begin housing application on the Housing Portal (accessible through your MyCSULB SSO)
    • Application will take 15-20 minutes to complete.
    • Due to high demand, the application portal may not be available on your first attempt.
    • If you are applying before May 15th, the application is not first-come, first serve. If you are experiencing portal issues, try again later.
  • Step 3 – Complete the non-refundable service fee payment of $275. Payment is required to complete the application.
New Applicant Housing Confirmation Process:
  • All applications received before May 15th will be prioritized based upon distance to campus.
  • There are approximately 2600 beds for new students at CSULB. The 2600 students at the greatest distance from campus with completed applications by May 15th will receive housing priority.
  • If you apply by May 15th but our initial capacity has been reached due to the distance calculator, you may be placed on the waitlist. All applications received after May 15th will be placed on a waitlist based upon date of application. 
  • As spaces become available throughout the summer and early Fall, students will be contacted and offered placement.

Summer Housing Application Opens: Now Open
  • Summer Housing is available only to those who are enrolled in courses with in-person components for their course work
  • A full payment for the session you wish to apply for is due to complete the application
  • The costs listed below are for a Double-Standard room and include the 21-Meal Plan (21 meals a week)
12-Week Session (Full Session) - $4,896Classes -Monday, May 28 - Friday, August 16
Move In Day: Sunday, May 26, Noon-5pm
Move Out Day: Saturday, August 17, 8am -11am
1st 6-Week Session (Session 1) - $2,448Classes - Monday, May 28 - Friday, July 5
Move In Day: Sunday, May 26, 8am - Noon-5pm
Move Out Day: Saturday, July 06, 8am -11am
2nd 6-Week Session (Session 2) - $2,448Classes - Monday, July 08 - Friday, August 16
Move In Day: Sunday, July 07, Noon-5pm
Move Out Day: Saturday, August 17, 8am - 11am

Past Applications

Spring Housing Application opens on Wed, November 1, 2023 at 10 AM in the Housing Portal. Please see our important notes below:

  • Spring applications are subject to availability as housing is currently full and Fall applications are by default for the entire academic year. There are no guarantees you will be confirmed for housing.
  • If confirmed, Spring 2024 move-in is January 21st, 2024.
  • You cannot choose your building or room as room assignments are based on availability.
  • We expect a higher number of Spring applicants this year. You may experience portal crashes due to high traffic when applications open.
  • Spring applications are first-come, first-served. The sooner you apply, the better chance you have for being confirmed for housing.
  • If there are no spaces available, you will be automatically placed on a waitlist. 
    • Waitlists can remain active for a few weeks after the Spring semester starts.
  • Please see our FAQs regarding the application process

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