Housing Rates

Academic Year 2024-2025

There are several different housing options available at Long Beach State University. Each option offers a different living experience and caters to different student needs and preferences. 

Housing Room Rates are structured by three tiers, then by room types, based on buildings and amenities. Please be sure to check out our Room Comparison Chart (PDF).

    Most common type of buildings which offer standard room types and amenities.
    • Hillside Village
      • A-F Halls
      • International House
    • Parkside Village
      • G-Q Halls
    • Beachside Village
      • Atlantic Hall
      • Pacific Hall
    Increased rates due to newly renovated rooms, limited share kitchen spaces, air conditioning, limited study rooms, and elevator access.
    • Hillside Village
      • Los Alamitos Hall
      • Los Cerritos Hall
    Premium rates due to newly constructed building, with shared kitchen spaces, air conditioning, study rooms, game rooms, rooftop terrace, courtyard, lounge areas, and elevator access.
    • Parkside Village
      • Parkside North Hall

  • Triple Room
    • Shared room with 3 students with shared restrooms
  • Double Room
    • Shared room with 2 students with shared restrooms
  • Single Room
    • Room with 1 student with shared restrooms
  • 2BR Suite
    • Two double rooms with a shared living space and designated restroom for suite occupants (holds 4 total)
    • 2BR Suites are not available for first year students

Room Type Academic Year Cost Spring Only Cost
Triple Room - Standard $8,760
Double Room - Standard $9,760
Double Room - Plus $10,360 $5,180
Double Room- Premium $10,960 $5,480
Single Room - Standard $10,760 $5,380
Single Room - Premium $11,600 $5,800
2BR-Suite $11,600 $5,800


Meal Plans Academic Year Rate Spring Only Rate
10 Meal Plan $4,420 $2,210
10 Plus Flex $4,720 $2,360
210 Block Plan $4,852 $2,426
210 Block Flex $5,152 $2,576
19 Meal Plan $5,162 $2,581
19 Plus Flex $5,462 $2,731

Meal Plans are not included in the Room Rates. Meal Plans are mandatory.

Find more details about the Meal Plans and Flex Dollar.

  • Application Service Fee ($275)
    • A non-refundable payment of $275 is required to complete the housing application
    • If confirmed for housing, the $275 will act as a deposit and go into your housing charges
  • Social Fee ($60)
    • All residents are required to pay a $60 social fee which helps to fund residential activities and resources
    • $60 will be an additional itemized fee built into your housing charges
  • Installment Fee Payment Plan ($40)
    • Students who choose the Installment Payment Plan (payment plan per month) are required to pay a one-time $40 installment fee
    • More information can be found below on this webpage

Payment Plans

    Total Housing Fee = Social Fee + Room Rate + Meal Plan Rate
    • The payment in full requires students to pay one payment for the meal plan and room for the entire academic year. They will not need to make any additional payments.
    Total Housing Fee = Room Rate + Meal Plan Rate + Social Fee + Installment Fee
    • The installment payment plan requires students to pay for the meal plan and room with eight monthly payments over the course of one academic year. Students who choose the Installment Payment Plan are required to pay a one-time $40 installment fee. Please note there are 4 payments in Fall and 4 in Spring, which totals the 8 payments.

Housing charges and payments can be managed on the University's Student Center portal.

If the $40 installment fee still shows up in your Student Account Center after making payment in full Academic Year, please email housing@csulb.edu to have it reversed.