FormDescriptionPDF / DocuSign
Appeal Application for Refund of FeesApplication to appeal an outstanding charge and request a refund. Appeal Application for Refund- Docusign
Consent FormForm grants parent/guardian permission to discuss classified information regarding the student’s account. Must be signed by both student and guardian. Consent Form - PDF
Monthly Payment CardsAll payments made via mail (e.g. check or cashier’s check) must include a signed payment card enclosed with payment. Monthly Payment Cards - PDF
Request to Vacate FormRequest to be released from your License Agreement. A cancellation fee and other charges might be incurred. Read more about our cancellation policy.Request to Vacate Form – DocuSign
Mediation Request FormStudents who complete the Mediation Request Form will be referred to a highly trained conflict mediator. In an initial meeting, the mediator will describe the process of mediation and listen to the concerns that you would wish to share with them. This can be used for roommates, suitemates, friends/friend groups, relationships, family, etc.HRL Mediation Request Form (
Roommate & Room Change Request FormForm to request a room change. Visit our Roommate & Room Change Info webpage for more information and important notes.Roommate & Room Change Request Form – Online Form  (temporarily closed)
Payment Extension FormRequests extension for monthly installment payments. A payment extension must be requested no more than 2 weeks before the payment due date. A payment can be extended for a maximum of 2 weeks after the due date. NOTE: Payment Extensions do not prevent student account holds. Payment Extension Form - DocuSign
Proof of ResidencyForm to request signed proof of residency for past and current residents. 

For current residents: 
Proof of Residency – DocuSign

For past residents: 
Proof of Residency – DocuSign


Agreement Document Description PDF
Housing Terms of Agreement The Terms and Conditions as well as the Policy & Regulations which govern all residence hall occupants. All students must sign the Student Housing & Residential Life License Agreement upon completion of their housing application, which indicates that they agree to all stated provisions. Housing Terms of Agreement - PDF
Summer Housing License Agreement The Terms and Conditions as well as the Policy & Regulations which govern all residence hall occupants for the 2022 Summer/Fall Interm  Summer 2022 License Agreement - PDF
Community Living Guide PDF Document
Community Living Guide

2023-2024 Community Living Guide (PDF)

2023-2024 Community Living Guide-ADA (PDF)

COVID-19 License Addendum 2022-2023 COVID-19 License Addendum (PDF)
COVID-19 Related Policy Highlights Fall 2022 COVID-19 Related Policy Highlights (PDF)