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Thematic Communities

California State University, Long Beach's Thematic Communities, provide residents an opportunity to live in a community where individuals share common personal, social, and intellectual interests. Those who chose to live in one of our four communities have an opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions around common themes or academic programs. Residents participating in these communities will develop support networks that can help aid in their college transition.

Students who chose to apply for a Thematic Learning Community and are selected will be placed in one of the designated floors, halls, or buildings. All the Thematic Communities are housed in Hillside College. There is limited amount of space per each community so applications will be closely reviewed on a rolling basis. If you do not get into a Thematic Community, don't fret! All three Residential College will have intentional programming, fun activities, and ways to stay connected as part of the Residential Curriculum. You will feel right at home at the Beach!

Do all residents need to live in a Thematic Community?

All students who live on campus have options when it comes to their living choice. Participating in a Living-Learning community (LLC), Thematic Learning Community (TLC), or Hillside House will allow one to get connected to their residential college. Housing and Residential Life recommends that first-year freshman sign-up to live and participate in an LLC Program. Returning and Transfer residents can also choose to participate in TLCs or Hillside Houses. It is ultimately your choice if you desire to live in this type of community.

University Honors House (Honors Students Only)

Logo of University HonorsResidents living in the University Honors Program (UHP) House will become members of a community of high-achieving students. The UHP curriculum explores social justice, diversity, and sustainability topics that encourage students to become informed citizens, both locally and globally. The UHP House is committed to mentorship, providing professional resources, and upholding educational experiences. Students who are participating in UHP House, will participate in the hallmark civic engagement project within the Long Beach Community, engage with University Honors Program Student Organization, and have opportunities to take courses with other members of the community. The University Honors Program House is open to admitted University Honors Program Students. For more information about the UHP as well as the admissions criteria and application process, please consult the Program website at Residents must be admitted into the Honors program to reside in Honors House.

University Honors House will be located at Hillside in Los Cerritos building.

International House

Logo of international houseResidents living in International House will engage with other international, study abroad, exchange, or domestic students. Residents in this community are passionate about developing a global perspective and gaining intercultural competency. This learning is achieved through high impact experiences, group discussions, and global perspective events. As members of this community, residents will have an opportunity to engage in CSULB's annual International Education Week, participate in yearly kickoff events, end of the year celebration events, and much more. International House is open to all international or domestic students.

International House is located at Hillside in International House building.

First Gen House

logo of First Gen HouseThe First Gen House community strives to enhance the college transition for first generation residents of all backgrounds and share their experiences that will strengthen their ability to function in a new environment. Residents choosing to live in the First Gen house must be willing to step out of their comfort zones and explore the numerous services, resources, and opportunities available to them while enhancing their first year experience through community building and personal growth. As part of the community, residents will strive for academic excellence by developing academic strategies and plans that promote student success that will be carried on through their ensuing years. Residents will also engage in activities and workshops that focus on health and wellness, leadership development, community engagement, and academic success.

First Gen House will be located at Parkside in N building.

*Note a “first-generation college student” is identified as a student whose parent/guardian have not received a four-year U.S. bachelor’s degree.

Black & Pan-African Scholars House

Logo of Black and Pan African Scholars HouseThe Black & Pan-African Scholars House provides a welcoming place for students who are a part of or are in support of the Black community on campus. Living in this community will provide opportunities to engage in discourse about the Black/African American/African experience on campus and at large. Residents will also receive mentorship from staff and faculty, explore their multiple identities, plan and attend events, and create lifelong friendships. The community will connect residents to offices across campus and provide academic, social, wellness, and cultural resources

Black & Pan-African Scholars House will be located at Parkside in H building.


Logo of LGBTQIA+ HouseLGBTQIA House is a community open to members and allies of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, and queer community. Residents have an opportunity to explore and celebrate their identities, learn about issues facing the community, and become connected to resources on campus. This community will empower residents and create a safe and supportive space for students to participate in educational programming and leadership development activities that will enhance their understanding of how to impact positive change in the world. Hallmark programs for the community included Pride events, support

LGBTQIA+ House will be located at Hillside in C building.