Submit Publicity For Posting

Campus departments and recognized student organizations may submit materials for distribution inside of the residence halls. Due to space restraints, the maximum size is 11" x 17" for all posters and flyers. Fill out this form to submit for approval.

Please email with if you have any questions or concerns. 

Please note – all posters must include a small white space in the bottom right or left corner for the approval stamp, which is 2 in wide, 1 in tall.

Your printed posters should be delivered to the Housing & Residential Life office. Please allow at least one week for distribution and posting, preferably a week and a half or two. Once approved, RAs will post materials in appropriate places within the residence halls. Per Housing & Residential Life policy, outside entities are not permitted to enter the buildings to post; unapproved posting will be removed.
Distribution count options can be found below.

Distribution Count - Options:

  • One per RA + one per Service Center:   
    • Beachside Village: 18
    • Hillside Village: 31
    • Parkside Village: 43
    • Total: 92  
  • One per residence hall + one per Service Center:
    • Beachside Village: 2
    • Hillside Village: 11
    • Parkside Village: 12
    • Total: 25
  • Widespread distribution for large-scale events:
    • Beachside Village: 28
    • Hillside Village: 41
    • Parkside Village: 53
    • Total: 122

There are also digital boards in a couple of our residential buildings (i.e., Parkside North and Hillside Service Center) and we send out a bi-weekly newsletter to residential students. Please indicate if you would like your sign placed on the digital signage or the newsletter.