Accessible Housing & ESA's

Accessible Housing

Housing accommodations may be provided for students whose disabilities impact their ability to live in the standard housing environment. Some accommodations include but are not limited to:

  • Single Room
  • Double Room
  • Fully ADA Accessible Room and/or First Floor Access
  • Service Animal

University Housing does NOT have private bathrooms. All bathrooms are communal.

Please note, requesting an accommodation does NOT guarantee University Housing. Students should first apply for Housing (there will be fields in the Housing application to indicate you are requesting housing accommodations) and fill out the BMAC Housing Accommodations Application.

Process to Request

  1. Complete the Housing Application Process
    • Students must first apply to live in CSULB housing by the established deadlines. Students who apply after the deadline cannot be guaranteed accommodations, even if approved by BMAC, due to availability of housing spaces
    • To apply, access your Housing Portal through your Single Sign On or visit the Apply for Housing page on our website for more information
  2. Complete the BMAC Housing Accommodations Application
    • Provide supporting disability documentation
  3. Meet with a BMAC Specialist to review the housing accommodation request

If the accommodation is supported by BMAC, BMAC will contact Housing regarding the student's accommodation request. Housing will review and provide the accommodation based upon availability of suitable housing spaces. Housing will contact the student regarding their status. 

Important Notes

  • Students need to request Housing Accommodations each academic year by completing a BMAC Housing Accommodation Application.
  • Registration with BMAC does not guarantee a housing assignment and placement is subject to the availability of suitable housing spaces. Availability depends on the number of students applying who require housing accommodations, as well as the number of residents returning to University Housing for the school year.
  • University Housing does NOT have private bathrooms in any of its Residential Halls. All bathrooms are communal. 

Service Animals

Service animals are permitted on the CSULB campus. Individuals with disabilities who utilize service animals on campus grounds are strongly encouraged to connect with the Bob Murphy Access Center. Students must take responsibility for meeting legal requirements, ensuring that animals are under their control, and adhering to cleanup rules. Service animals may not reside in University Housing without prior notification and registration. Contact Bob Murphy Access Center for more information.

Emotional Support Animals

Emotional Support Animals may be permitted on the CSULB campus on a case-by-case basis. Before bringing a support animal onto campus grounds, the requesting student must submit a request and appropriate supporting documentation. Emotional Support animals may not reside in University Housing without prior notification and registration. Requests for a support animal will be evaluated by the Bob Murphy Access Center office.

For more information, please visit the Bob Murphy Access Center (BMAC) website.