Parkside Village

Housing Type: Suite Style
Room Type: Double
Bathroom Type: Shared amongst 12-14 students
Class Level: First Year Students
Air Conditioning: No

Parkside is a freshmen housing area with nine two-story buildings with suite-style living spaces. Each building houses an average of 115 students. Parkside includes 7 general housing buildings and two Communities:  First Generation Community and Black/Pan African Scholar Community. View building layouts hereParkside traditional buildings (Buildings G, H, J, K, L, M, N, P, Q) DO NOT have Air Conditioning.

The Parkside buildings are served by the Parkside Service Center which offers many services including mail distribution, building tours, reporting of building issues, and the checkout of games and equipment. The Service Center also provides a large study area which may be used by residents during regular office hours.


Housing Type: Suite Style
Room Type: Single, Double, Suite Double
Bathroom Type: Shared amongst 34-37 students
Class Level: All Class level
Air Conditioning: Yes

Parkside North is a four-story building and houses an average of 470 students.  It is a general housing building.  The building is air conditioned and has 3 elevators. Each floor will be divided in sections based on gender.  There are 3 shared kitchens (located on the 2, 3, and 4 floor) for residents to use as well as mulitple study lounges, gaming room and living rooms on each floor.  Parkside North also has two courtyards and a roof top terrace.  The laundry facility and multipurpose room is located on the first floor.

Parkside North is served by the front desk, located in the lobby, where student can check out games and equipment. Mail for Parkside North will be delivered to and processed at the Parkside Service Center, which is located across from the Parkside North Building. Residents will need to go to the Parkside Service Center to retrieve their mail.

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