The John and Helen Apostle Incubator provides programming to support entrepreneurs from both the campus and Long Beach community to pursue their passion and the creation of innovative businesses to help grow the Long Beach economy.  The support of the Apostle Foundation allows us to deliver programming to meet the needs of the diverse entrepreneurs from our community.  The Apostle Incubator is an inclusive environment in which new business ideas are created, nurtured and launched.  Contact us for more information or just drop by for a visit on any Tuesday evening!

Our Purpose, Our Values, Our People

We seek to foster a creative and collaborative environment, so that stakeholders from multiple disciplines feel empowered to develop their passions in a tangible, practical, and innovative manner. We believe that there is an abundance of business opportunities in this world. We strive to bring to life new ideas that will help boost the unlocked potential. We believe that active collaboration is the key to success. We are a group of entrepreneurs from different cultural backgrounds with experience in different industries who share passion to people, technologies and critical thinking. And we enjoy bringing them together.

Incubator Founding Team

Incubator Board Members

While working toward their MBA degree, this team came together to provide support and mentorship to entrepreneurs on campus and in the community.

Past Schedules


AUG 23: Creativity & The Business Value of Design

AUG 30: Understanding All Of Your Stakeholders/Customers 

SEPT 6: Discovering & Understanding The Macroenvironment  

SEPT 13: Problems And Opportunities

SEPT 20: What Is Your Vision Statement 

Recorded Session

SEPT 27: Generating A Good Idea 

Recorded Session

OCT 4: Creating Choices - Everything Is On The Table

OCT 11: Evaluating And Validating Your Ideas 

Recorded Session

OCT 18: Customer Insights - Focus, Focus, Focus 

Recorded Session

OCT 25: Building your Business Model Canvas - Part 1 

Recorded Session

NOV 1: Building your Business Model Canvas - Part 2 

Recorded Session

NOV 8: Putting It All Together 

Recorded Session

NOV 15: How To Tell A Story 

Recorded Session

NOV 29: Practicing Your Pitch 


Jan 28 - Digital Marketing

Facebook Live

Feb 4 - Effective Mobile Marketing

Facebook Live

Feb 11 - Branding POSTPONED

Feb 18 - eCommerce Strategies

Facebook Live Deck

Feb 25 - Legal / IP 

Facebook Live

Mar 4 - Women Entrepreneurs

Facebook Live

Mar 11 - Intrapreneurship


Mar 18 - Pitching your business

Facebook Live

Mar 25 - Branding

Facebook Live


Apr 8 - DEI

Facebook Live

Apr 15 - Non-profits: CANCELLED

Apr 22 - PITCHFEST Competition   POSTPONED

Apr 22 - NEW TOPIC Pitching from an Entrepreneur & Angel Investor POV

Facebook Live

Apr 29 - Social Entrepreneurship

Facebook Live

May 6 - CSU Pitch Event


Aug 24 – Incubator Programming Introduction

Facebook Live

Aug 31 – Developing Your Team

Facebook Live

Sep 7 – Business Model Canvas I

Facebook Live Deck

Sep 14 – Business Model Canvas II

Facebook Live

Sep 21 – Business Model Canvas III

Facebook Live

Sep 28 – Business Plan Structure & LivePlan Introduction

Facebook Live

Oct 5 – Competitive Analysis/MKTG research

Facebook Live

Oct 12 – Prototyping & Technology

Facebook Live

Oct 19 – Funding Your Startup

Facebook Live Deck

Oct 26 – Sharing Ownership 

Facebook Live ABC Cap Table Notes

Nov 2 –MVP & Collecting Primary Data

Facebook Live

Nov 9 – Design Thinking Workshop/ideation

Facebook Live

Nov 16 – Social Media Marketing

Facebook Live

Nov 30 – Pricing your Product/Service

Facebook Live

Dec 7 – Financials/Pro forma Statements

*subject to change

Jan 19 – “Reconnect, Update & Thinking”
Featured Guest Speakers: Dr. Ebony Utley et al.

Jan 19- Facebook Live

Jan 26 – "Prototyping & Technology"

Jan 26- Facebook Live Jan 26- Resources

Feb 2 – "Pricing your Product/Service" 

Feb 2- Facebook Live Feb 2- Resources 

Feb 9 – "Shared Decision Making"
Featured Guest Speakers: Alfredo Carlos

Feb 9- Facebook Live

Feb 16 – "Funding your Startup"
Featured Guest Speakers: Dean Heiss

Feb 16- Facebook Live Feb 16- Resources 

Feb 23 – "Sharing Ownership"
Featured Guest Speakers: Rick Citron

Feb 23- Facebook Live Feb 23- Resources 

Mar 2 – "Social & Digital Marketing"
Featured Guest Speakers: Aleks Lason, CHRILLEKS

Mar 2- Facebook Live

Mar 9 – "Branding"
Featured Guest Speakers: Fabian Geyrhalter, FINIEN

Mar 16 – "Pitching your Business" 
Featured Guest Speakers: Ali Nagy, MALI & FRIENDS

Mar 16- Facebook Live

Mar 23 – "Intellectual Property Protection"

Featured Guest Speakers: Steve Boyer & Doug Patton

Mar 23- Facebook Live

Apr 6 – "eCommerce Strategies"
Featured Guest Speakers: Phillip Hang & Chris Snyder, Shopify

Apr 6- Facebook Live

Apr 13 – "Legal Structures"
Featured Guest Speakers: Ashleigh Stone

Apr 13- Facebook Live

Apr 20 – "PitchFest Competition"
Featured Guest Speakers: Dean Heiss + Team

Apr 20- Facebook Live

Apr 27  "Wellness Entrepreneurship"
Featured Guest Speakers: Cassandra Vitale

Apr 27- Facebook Live

May 4 – "Creating an Inclusive Culture"
Featured Guest Speakers: DeLonzo Rhodes

May 4- Facebook Live

May 11 – "LB Opportunities & Ecosystem Mixer"
Featured Guest Speakers: Dean Heiss + Team

May 11- Facebook Live

*program is subject to change

Sep 1 – “Innovation Challenge Information Session”

Sep 8 – “Ideation & Innovation Challenge Speed Dating”

Sep 8- Facebook Live

Sep 15  – “Building Your Team”

Featured Guest Speakers: Jeff Bently

Sep 15- Facebook Live

Sep 22 – “Developing an MVP”

Featured Guest Speakers: Scott Wayman & Hans Yang

Sep 22- Facebook Live

Sep 29 – “Business Model Canvas I"

Sep 29- Facebook Live

Oct 6 – “Business Model Canvas II”

Oct 6- Facebook Live

Oct 13 – “Business Plan Structure & LivePlan Intro”

Featured Guest Speakers: LivePlan Support

Oct 13- Facebook Live

Oct 20 – “Design Thinking Workshop”

Featured Guest Speakers: Steve Boyer & Wesley Woelfel

Oct 20- Facebook Live

Oct 27 – “Sustainability Thinking Workshop"

Featured Guest Speakers: Ebony Utley

Oct 27- Facebook Live

Nov 3 – “Speed Dating for Innovation Challenge”

Featured Guest Speakers: Full IC Team

Nov 3- Facebook Live

Nov 10 – "Market Research: Validate Your Idea with Data"

Featured Guest Speakers: Dr. Ingrid Martin & Research Librarians 

Nov 10- Resources Nov 10- Facebook Live 

Nov 17 – “Business Financials”

Featured Guest Speakers: Dr. Pia Gupta & Dean Heiss

Nov 17- Resources Nov 17- Facebook Live

Nov 24 – “Virtual Networking Strategies”

Featured Guest Speakers: Dr. Rachel Hastings

Nov 24- Facebook Live

Dec 1 – "Business Ethics"

Featured Guest Speakers: Bruce Weinstein

Dec 1- Facebook Live

Dec 8 – “Wellness & Focus Over Holidays”

Featured Guest Speakers: Pamela Buckner

Dec 8- Facebook Live

Dec 22 – Winter Break