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The Beach Incubator was founded by MBA Alumni and partners with the Institute for Innovation & Entrepreneurship. It is an inclusive environment in which new business ideas are created and developed.  Contact us for more information. 

Our Purpose, Our Values, Our People

We seek to foster a creative and collaborative environment, so that stakeholders from multiple disciplines feel empowered to develop their passions in a tangible, practical, and innovative manner. We believe that there is an abundance of business opportunities in this world. We strive to bring to life new ideas that will help boost the unlocked potential. We believe that active collaboration is the key to success. We are a group of entrepreneurs from different cultural backgrounds with experience in different industries who share passion to people, technologies and critical thinking. And we enjoy bringing them together.

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For Fall 2019

Sept. 10 - Program Intro

Sept. 17 - Team Building w/Jeff Bentley

Sept. 24 - Innovation Challenge Mixer

Oct. 1 - Business Ideation

Oct. 8 - Design Thinking Workshop w/ Steve Boyer and Wesley Woelfel

Oct. 15 & 22 - Business Model Canvas

Oct. 29 - Developing Your MVP

Nov. 5 - Market Research and Marketing Plans

Nov. 12 - Business Financials w/ Dr. Pia Gupta

Nov. 19 - Business Plan Development

Dec. 3 - Judging Rubrics

Dec. 10 - 1-on-1 Mentoring

*program is subject to change