The Smart Campus Initiative will implement appropriate technology platforms to enhance campus services and facilitate teaching, learning, and research. The smart campus initiative will help remove barriers to allow the campus and general public to more easily access existing and new campus services.

Strategic investment over time in the smart campus initiative will move CSULB toward this goal. The smart campus initiative was launched in fall of 2016 with four pilot work streams - eSignature, Digital Signage including Digital Wayfinding, and One Card. Other innovative digital solutions are also in varying forms of implementation or completion. These include: a student virtual computer lab, digital time and attendance reporting, digital faculty reappointment, tenure, and promotion (RTP) process, cloud email and calendar, shared high performance computing cluster, and data storage as a service. Over time and as needed, new projects will be added to the smart campus initiative. Outlined below are the current roadmap and status of the Smart Campus Initiative.