Academic AI Subcommittee

The purpose of the AI Academic Subcommittee is to explore AI technologies and plan for future implementations. The subcommittee will make recommendations to the AI Steering Committee to develop guidelines for campus-wide deployment.

To foster a community of AI users on campus, the subcommittee will also make recommendations for professional development and support for faculty and staff on AI-related topics.

If you have questions or would like to contact the Academic AI subcommittee, please email Shariq Ahmed, Chair.

Committee Members

Department Representative
ATS Shariq Ahmed, Chair
ATS Marvin Mayo
ASI Taylor Tran
CHHS Linda Kiltz
CLA Amy Heyse
COB Deepti Singh
CED Steve Adams
CNSM Ashley Carter
COE Alireza Mehrnia
COTA Adam Moore
CPACE Biju Kewalram
DOIT Jesse Santana
Faculty Affairs Malcolm Finney
Library, FACT Alexis Pavenick
Staff Council Anand Panure