AI Steering Committee

CSULB AI Technology Implementation Steering Committee


The purpose of the committee is to provide guidance on the exploring, evaluation, and implementation of AI technologies as well as to help anticipate issues and challenges associated with the use of these technologies. The committee reviews recommendations of AI technologies and approves the deployment of appropriate AI technologies on campus.  Through its two subcommittees, the committee coordinates campus efforts in exploring and implementing AI technologies. The committee also communicates CSULB AI work with other CSU campuses and seeks to work collaboratively with other CSU campuses when needed and appropriate.


The committee consists of two co-chairs and representatives of the campus community, including:

  • Karyn Scissum Gunn, Provost & Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs (Co-chair)
  • Beth Lesen, Vice President for Student Affairs (Co-chair)
  • Min Yao, Vice President & Chief Information Officer (Secretary to the committee)
  • Shariq Ahmed, Associate Vice President, Academic Technology Services (Chair of Academic AI Subcommittee)
  • Bryon Jackson, Associate Vice President, Technology Solutions & Innovation (Chair of Business Operations AI Subcommittee)
  • Scott Vandygrift, Director of Financial Management Information Systems, Representative for Division of Administration & Finance
  • Jeff Klaus, Associate Vice President, Student Affairs, Representative for Division of Student Affairs
  • Fred Camba, Assistant Director, Development Information Systems, Representative for Division of University Relations and Development
  • Alexis L. Pavenick, Chair of Academic Senate Faculty Advisory Committee for Technology and Associate Librarian for Literatures and Languages
  • Brian Katz, Academic Senator, Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Statistics
  • Lexi Thicksten, Student Representative (appointed by ASI)


  • Academic AI Subcommittee and Business Operations AI Subcommittee
  • The purpose of the two subcommittees is to coordinate and conduct hands-on testing of AI technologies and recommend appropriate AI technologies for campus-wide deployment
  • Each subcommittee may consist of 7-10 standing members and a number of ad hoc members as needed
  • The two subcommittee chairs recommend appropriate members to the subcommittees. 

Immediate Priorities

  • Draft and implement a guideline for the appropriate selection, implementation, and use of AI technologies on campus
  • Define the procedures, process, roles and responsibilities of proposing, evaluating, purchasing, and implementing AI technologies
  • Establish the two subcommittees
  • Create a website/page for AI steering committee and use it to communicate CSULB efforts in implementing AI technologies
  • Propose funding for implementing approved AI technologies and associated training
  • Identify and develop training toolkits to assist faculty, staff, and students in the use of AI in teaching, research, learning, and business operations


The committee meets every two months except summer (May through August)

The two subcommittees meet as needed to be decided by the subcommittee chairs