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ATI Steering Committee


  • Forouzan Golshani, Dean, College of Engineering, Co-Executive Sponsor, Steering Committee Co-Chair
  • Mary Ann Takemoto, Interim VP of Student Affairs, Co-Executive Sponsor, Steering Committee Co-Chair
  • Min Yao, Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Co-Executive Sponsor, Steering Committee Co-Chair
  • Shawna Dark, Associate Vice President, Academic Technology Services
  • Janet Foster, Associate Vice President, Information Technology Services
  • Malia Freund, Director, Procurement & Contractual Services
  • Joseph Hackbarth, Director, Student Administration Systems, Enrollment Services
  • Larisa Hamada, Assistant Vice President, Equity And Diversity
  • Mariza Hernandez, Instructional Design, Academic Technology Services
  • Jorge Hurtado, Creative Director, Strategic Communications
  • Velma Martin, AIM Center Coordinator, Disabled Student Services
  • Robert Moushon, Web Administrator, Academic Technology Services
  • Jessica Pandya, Academic Senate Representative, Liberal Studies, College of Education
  • Don Penrod, Representative, 49er Shops
  • Joan Preston, Web Accessibility Coordinator, Information Technology Services
  • Omar Prudencio Gonzalez, Student Representative
  • Tracey Richardson, Associate Vice President, Financial Management
  • Carmen Varela, Director, Disabled Student Services