ATI Steering Committee


  • Beth Lesen, Vice President of Student Affairs, Co-Executive Sponsor, Steering Committee Co-Chair
  • Min Yao, Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Co-Executive Sponsor, Steering Committee Co-Chair
  • Shariq Ahmed, Associate Vice President, Academic Technology Services
  • Heaven Sanchez, ASI Student Representative
  • Emily Berquist, Interim Director, Faculty Center for Professional Development
  • Janet Foster, Associate Vice President, Information Technology Services
  • Christine Frye, IT Procurement and Accessibility Compliance Manager, Information Technology Services 
  • Alix Hamidian, Webmaster, Forty-Niner Shops
  • Mariza Hernandez, Assistant Director, Instructional Design and Accessibility, Academic Technology Services
  • Jorge Hurtado, Creative Director, Strategic Communications
  • Kendra Campos, Equity and Compliance Coordinator
  • Velma Martin, Assistant Director, AIM, Bob Murphy Access Center
  • Michael Pruitt, Director, Procurement Services
  • Mary Nguyen, Director, Bob Murphy Access Center
  • Neil Hultgren, Chair of Academic Senate & Associate Professor
  • Jesse Santana, Executive Director, Information Technology Services