CIO'S MESSAGE - October 28, 2021

Published October 28, 2021

Cybersecurity Awareness Month – Our Shared Responsibility

Dear Students,

The final week of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month does not mean we should stop caring about cybersecurity.  Rather, it is all about making information security a priority every day.  For our campus, this means building a culture of cybersecurity as a shared responsibility.  Each of us has an important role to play.  It only takes a single phishing email or one infected machine to compromise our accounts and the entire campus network.  As we increase our digital footprints and connected lives, we must help each other reinforce good security practices and reduce risky security behavior that may jeopardize our personal and academic freedom.

Make cybersecurity a priority no matter where you are.  Below is a list of security reminders on how we can strengthen our shared commitment to improve the security posture of our Beach Community.

  1. Use University approved methods to send, share, and store sensitive information. 
  2. Prevent Level 1 and Level 2 data loss
  3. Be smart with social engineering tactics
  4. Don’t leave a cyber footprint on shared or public devices. When using a public computer or any device that is not your own, before signing off, make sure you: 
    • Disable any options to “save passwords” 
    • Log out of your accounts when finished
    •  Delete cookies, cache, and browsing history
  5. When in doubt, ask for help. Report suspicious activities immediately. 
  6. Keep learning about cybersecurity

#Do Your Part. Be CyberSmart.

Cuc Du

Information Security Officer