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CIO'S MESSAGE - July 14, 2021

Published July 14, 2021

New CSULB Password Service

Dear Students and Colleagues,

In our continued efforts to enhance our technology services, our current BeachID password management service will be transitioning to a Microsoft-provided self-service password manager on August 2.  This means that the next time when we change or reset our password (on or after August 2), we will use a new tool associated with our Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) preferences (text message, Microsoft Authenticator app, or phone call) to confirm our identity.  There is no action needed at this time.

The main benefits and service enhancements include:

  • A true self-service capability where if we forget our password, we can follow prompts to reset it securely anytime, anywhere and without the need for help from the Technology Help Desk 
  • A new function allowing us to unlock our account if we are ever locked out, such as by too many bad password attempts 
  • Leveraging our authentication methods already setup for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to reset our password 

Currently, our CSULB password must be updated every 365 days.  As our password approaches the 365-day expiration, we receive automated email notifications to change it. These automated emails will contain new links and instructions for using the new password manager service.

We will provide more information about the new password manager service, including support documentation, on August 2.

For any questions or concerns, please contact or the Technology Help Desk at 562-985-4959. 


Min Yao, Ph.D.

Vice President & Chief Information Officer