Student Guidelines on Generative AI

The following guidelines are provided for students to navigate issues related to the usage of generative AI (GenAI)* in their coursework. First, please consider the ethics of using GenAI in your context: some GenAI rely on ideas stolen from other people or can take your work, some GenAI use large amounts of energy that could harm the environment, and some GenAI can reproduce racism and other forms of oppression that oppose the mission of CSULB. Second, please consider how GenAI relates to learning in your context: learning is the challenging and slow process of growing and changing your own mind, and some ways of using GenAI can undermine learning experiences. Third, please consider the rules for using GenAI in your context: it’s the student’s responsibility to fully communicate with their instructors and understand their permitted use of GenAI as a learning tool, and as an aid in completing coursework requirements.

  1. Does your instructor allow broad use of GenAI in the class? Is it clearly stated in the syllabus? If so, your use of AI tools must be properly documented and cited and must follow CSULB’s Policy on Academic Integrity Regarding Cheating and Plagiarism. Make sure to review the University Library resources for guidance on citation formats.

    Using GenAI tools in unauthorized ways, and without the consent of the instructor may result in academic disciplining, and a lower, or failing grade. If you have any doubt about an assignment, or deliverable, be sure to seek clarification and guidance from your instructor.

  2. Does your instructor allow specific use of GenAI in the class? Is it clearly stated in the syllabus that your instructor permits certain use of GenAI tools? For example, your instructor may allow usage of generative AI tools for brainstorming, and refining ideas, and research questions, or for finding information on certain topics, or for drafting an outline, or to assist you in checking your grammar and style. This also includes AI features built into existing software packages (e.g. Microsoft Copilot).

    Make sure to seek clear guidance from your instructor BEFORE you use generative AI in your coursework.

  3. Does your instructor forbid the use of GenAI in the class? Please consult the instructor, and review the syllabus, and other information provided by the instructor carefully. Please note that your instructor may fully prohibit the usage of GenAI – which would also forbid students from partial or specific usage of GenAI for submitting assignments, and coursework. This includes, for example, usage of generative AI to compose discussion posts, or create content for Zoom chats, completing group work, writing assignment drafts, or writing full and or partial sentences and paragraphs for class assignments and submissions

    If you have any questions or are unclear if usage of GenAI is permitted in the class, make sure to seek clear guidance from your instructor.

    DO NOT use GenAI unless you have received an OK from your instructor to fully, or partially use GenAI for coursework. As a reminder, any student work developed with the assistance of GenAI tools, if prohibited, or used in unauthorized ways may be subject to academic disciplining and a lower, or failing grade.

Important Note: Although an instructor may choose to allow AI generated works, those contributions must be cited. If they are not, it may still be considered plagiarism. Again, please seek clear guidance and instructions from your instructor.

*Please note that GenAI is a rapidly evolving topic, and this document will be updated based on any changes in technology, and University policies.