ATI Newsletter - Fall 2020

November 2020

A Message from Co-Chairs of ATI Steering Committee

This Fall, as we continue to teach, learn, and work remotely, we want to remind you that technical accessibility is still a commitment for our campus.

This newsletter provides helpful reminders and resources about purchasing accessible technology products, the upcoming BeachBoard ALLY Tool, Zoom Live transcription, video captioning guidelines and requirements, accessibility accommodations and statements for special events, links to available campus accessible technology training, the campus’ updated web accessibility statement, and an updated list of campus accessibility contacts and resources.

We hope that you will find this newsletter helpful and informative. Stay safe and well.

Beth Lesen, Ph.D.
Vice President for Student Affairs
Accessible Technology Initiative Sponsor & Co-Chair

Min Yao, Ph.D.
Vice President & Chief Information Officer
Accessible Technology Initiative Sponsor & Co-Chair

Purchasing Information and Communication Technology

The Office of Procurement Services will send out a friendly reminder regarding all Information & Communication Technology (ICT).  In order to assist your office/unit with a timely purchase, please refer to our webpage on how to Purchase and Pay for your Technology.

It is most importantly to note that is that we request a minimum of 10 working days after Purchasing receives all of your completed documentation to complete the transaction. Depending on the degree of complexity of your purchase, this timeline could change. Additionally, please be advised that if your purchase is over $9,999.00, you will be required to submit your request via a requisition.

BeachBoard ALLY is Coming Soon

Bb Ally will be integrated into BeachBoard in the Summer of 2021. It is a tool for instructors to simply and automatically convert digital course materials into multiple, alternative formats such as HTML, MP3, and more. Students can then download the format they prefer, depending on their individual needs. If you are interested in trying out Bb Ally before the Summer of 2021, please email and visit the Bb Ally website to learn more.

New Zoom Accessibility Feature

zoom icon

ZOOM Live Transcription

Zoom now includes Live Transcription and provides auto-generated transcription, which enables speech to text transcription in Zoom Meetings and Zoom Webinars. Once enabled by the host, live transcripts will appear at the bottom of your screen.

Although this is a useful Zoom feature, please be aware that Zoom Live Transcription should NOT be used in place of an accommodation for someone with a disability because it does not meet legal disability criteria.

In courses or events with disability-related accommodation needs, contact for assistance.

To enable Live Transcription, navigate to your Zoom settings under advanced

Enable zoom live transcription service toggle checkbox

Then in the Zoom Control panel, enable Auto-Transcription

User setting to enable live transcript

Video Captioning Accessibility

Some helpful video captioning information and resources are available at the links below.

Disability-Related Accommodations for Campus Events

Whether you are planning to host a small workshop, departmental program, or a large town hall session in-person or virtually, these events must be accessible to all CSULB employees and students if the entire campus is invited. Accessibility is key in providing inclusive excellence and must be addressed during event planning. Below are accessibility statements for employee and students that are to be included onto event materials. Additionally, disability-related accessibility requirements for all campus events are located on BMAC’s Accessibility website.

Employee Event Accommodations

Departments and Divisions may be sponsoring educational workshops and programs that are open to all students and employees. Please note that CSULB, Division or Campus-wide programs must be accessible to everyone, including our deaf/hard of hearing/hearing impaired (DHH) faculty, staff, and students. We have disability accessibility requirements for anyone hosting programs open to all students and employees in the University, or Division, or Campus. Please include the below accessibility language onto event/programming materials as it relates to employee participation:

"If you are needing a reasonable accommodation based on a disability or medical restriction to access this program, please contact Equity & Diversity ( for employees as soon as possible so we can assist you prior to the program."

Student Event Accommodations

If hosting an event for students, your program advertisements must state:


To request disability-related accommodations, complete the Bob Murphy Access Center Event Request Form.

If utilizing the inclusive accessibility symbol only, it must be hyperlinked directly to the BMAC Event Request Form. BMAC will contact the host department should there be a confirmed accommodation request and coordinate accessibility support. Sponsoring departments are responsible for the costs associated with disability access as these are part of the overall expense of a University event.

Accessible Technology Training

Campus training for accessibility is available and being conducted remotely.  Courses have been scheduled through 2021. Course lists and registration are available online.

Campus Web Accessibility Statement

Our campus’ Accessibility Statement has been updated, outlining our commitment to web accessibility and contact information for accommodation if barriers are encountered.

CSULB Services Supporting Accessibility Practices

A comprehensive list of campus-based accessible technology services is now available for your reference, and is organized by department with email contacts, website links, training resources, and more.