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All Information & Communication Technology (ICT) goods or services that may be purchased in the form of computers, hardware, software systems, software maintenance, telecommunications or other digital technology products or sensitive items that will contain level 1 or level 2 data.

Prior to any technology or communicationpurchase, you must first receive approval of an Electronic & Information Technology purchase through the ICT Procurement Compliance Review (PCR) Process. Once this ticket has been reviewed and approved, it will indicate the approved payment method.

For mobile or cellular devices, reference Telephones, Wireless Campus Owned or Employee Owned Device transaction type.

For Drones refer to Drones.

For 3D Printers refer to Equipment

Requisition Required?

It is recommended to submit a ticket to the ICT Procurement Compliance Review (PCR) Process and attach all pertinent information prior to submitting the requisition.

Follow all other guidelines noted in the Key Purchasing Requirements and Quote/Bid Thresholds to confirm if a requisition is required.

If a requisition is required, the minimum time for generating a dispatched purchase order:

A minimum of 10 working days after Purchasing receives all completed documentation.

Administrative Guidelines Related To This Purchase?

Key Purchasing Requirements And Quote/Bid Thresholds?

Campus - All Goods & Services purchases between $50,000 - $500,000 require a minimum of 3 competitive quotes. If obtaining quotes from small or disabled veteran businesses, then only 2 quotes are required from the same classification (for example, 2 small business quotes).

Anything under $50,000 is at the discretion of the Purchasing Department as to whether additional quotes are required.

Purchases over $500,000 require a Request Formal Proposal (RFP). If obtaining quotes from small or disabled veteran businesses, then only 2 quotes are required from the same classification (for example, 2 small business quotes).

Foundation “G” (Grants) Funds - All Goods & Services purchases between $10,000 - $49,999 require at least 2 informal quotes. Anything between $50,000 - $100,000 require 3 informal quotes. Purchases over $100,000 require a Request Formal Proposal (RFP).

Additional Forms or Requirements?

  • An approved PCR approval, or E&IT Checklist must be completed each fiscal year and submitted with any payment type other than Purchase Order. If subscription is a renewal, note that on the PCR ticket.
  • Contract review by Purchasing if T&C's are included on a click through agreement
  • Must meet EPEAT standards. Consistent with the State of California’s procurement policies, the University shall require that whenever an EPEAT registered product is available that meets purchasing specifications, that the EPEAT registered product be selected.
  • Beach Building Services pre-approval is required for any alteration to a building structure (for example, drilling a hole or affixing something to a wall). Please complete the Equipment Purchase Checklist and submit this completed DocuSign form with your requisition.
  • Determine level of data/information security stored using Information classification standard
  • The following two Forms may be requested by Information Security when indicating that Level 1, Level 2 data or Cloud will be utilized.
  • On-campus Security Data Requirements Checklist (PDF) for the requesting department to complete when the IT contract renewal is submitted online
  • Higher Education Cloud Vendor Assessment Tool (HECVAT) (XLS) for the vendor to complete

Risk Management Review Required?

Yes, as required.

Payments and Approvals​

  1. Permitted Payment Options: Subject to the above requirements.
    • PO – Allowed
    • ProCard – Allowed
    • One Card – Allowed
    • Direct Pay – Allowed
    • Employee Reimbursement – Not Allowed
  2. Documents required:
    • Supplier Invoice
    • Additional required documents listed under the Additional Forms or Requirements section above.
    • Delegated approval (DOA) using one of the following options
      1. Purchase Order (PO)
        1. Dispatched PO & receipt of goods through Shipping & Receiving (no action required by requesting department)
        2. Authorized stamp on invoice referencing PO# and Acknowledgement of Service
        3. Electronic approval (via email) sent directly to   
    • Contingent Documents
      1. If the supplier is not currently in PeopleSoft, then include the Vendor 204 (PDF) form or, for international vendors, complete the W8Ben
      2. If foreign supplier purchase requires pre-approval, then submit approved Foreign Supplier Pre-Approval (DocuSign) form with payment method.
  3. Payment Notes:
    • All checks will be mailed by the Accounts Payable department

Invoices received by Accounts Payable, prior to payment, are routed to the requester or approver to verify receipt of service or items. Reference the Invoice Approval Process for more ​

Additional Notes

  • Please submit your ICT contract renewals using the online process as early as possible. Submitting your ICT contract renewals at least 2 months in advance of the renewal date would be optimal.
  • Copy of the Terms and Conditions or licensing agreement
  • The cost/quote of the product
  • If applicable, is the software product intended to be loaded on a University computer or on-line cloud based solution

All ICT (Information & Communication Technology) purchases require that whenever an Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) product is available that meets the purchasing specifications, that the EPEAT registered product be selected.

The 49er Shops is an authorized reseller of Apple & Dell Products

Campus Technical Coordinator Contact List

Common GL Account(s) to Use

  • 616001 - I/T Communication
  • 616002 - I/T Hardware
  • 616003 - I/T Software
  • 616005-  I/T Miscellaneous Costs

Refer to your Division/College/Department for additional policies and procedures.