2021 BFA graduate Marilyn Linh Pham has been awarded $2500 from the AIA 2x8 Exhibition and Scholarship Program

Published November 14, 2021

Help us congratulate 2021 BFA graduate Marilyn Linh Pham for her $2,500 award as part of the AIA 2021 2x8 ASSEMBLIES Exhibition and Scholarship Program.

There were five $1500 awards, three $2500 awards, and three $5000 awards. Marilyn was one of the three $2500 recipients.

Marilyn says, "Thank you Ed [Perez] and Dorothy [Ottolia] so much for your guidance and support, especially Dorothy with all your mentorships throughout the project! I could have not won it without both of you. I am very proud to represent CSULB at the event!"

2x8 is an annual non-profit program that functions as a student exhibition and scholarship fund design competition. It was formed with the intention of introducing student work to the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry. In order to celebrate the pedagogical diversity of schools across California, 2x8 invites multiple schools across the state to participate, and gives student projects an opportunity to receive scholarships at the opening event.

healing garden, tattoo parlor, welcoming center, nutrition c

sections, QR Code


exploded view, reception area

Design Narrative

The Hope Center is breast cancer center located in downtown Los Angeles. It will be the newest center for cancer treatment and prevention, which focus solely on breast cancer. The center provides a top of the art research cancer for those interested. It provides highly qualified and skillful doctors, nurses, and medical technicians, latest technology available, and most importantly, a friendly, family environment to ensure the patients have the most comfortable and most effortless transition, treatment, and recovery. The medical staffs and the patients together are the main users of the center. 

The Hope Center is designed and built to support the needs of those who are seeking help or more information about breast cancer. Patients come to the center will have the most relaxed and comfortable treatment program customized individually. After the treatment, the Hope Center will also provide a program for survivors to adapt to post-treatment lives. Any treatment is agony to go through; however, breast cancer could be the most suffering among them, especially for women, because part of the treatment could involve removing a womanhood body part. The survivor would have to live a life without a breast or even both of them. Physically and psychologically, that is a devastated and challenging fact to handle. The Hope Center will provide a location, an environment for all breast cancer survivors to come, get treated, and gather to share their survival experiences. 

The Hope Center will provide multi-functional areas for breast cancer related, including the welcome center, awareness center, therapy wellness and nutrition center, treatment center, family center, and survivor center.

The concept of the place is to create a facility that provides awareness, all aspects of healing and specialized care specifically for breast cancer patients, especially women, to avoid both the physical and emotional stress going through the treatment and post-treatment. The goal is to take a holistic approach to healing and to achieve the best care for patients. The Hope Center is created to bring awareness, and provide education, research, and treatment center for breast cancer patients and survivors, as well as the public. Depending on the stage of the cancer, the patient can have either one or both physical and psychological damage. Supporting the person with the breast cancer is so incredibly important to the healing process and helps the patient feel supported and encouraged to put more effort into therapy.

Visit with more of her project online.