Industrial Design Senior Ryon Adams is big winner of the 2022 Sunstone Innovation Challenge

Published April 27, 2022


Industrial Design Senior Ryon Adams was the big winner of the 2022 Sunstone Innovation Challenge!
Ryon designed a low-cost injection molded violin for school kids. His design will make it easy to repair and keep the maintenance cost down.
Ryon states, "Across all cultures, music is a constant. It is a means of gathering, of emotional release, and a mode of expression unmatched in possibility. Among the artistic benefits, music provides cognitive positives. Regardless of age, there are always benefits to mental health when picking up a new instrument. Proto-Lin takes this challenge as an opportunity to design for broader appeal, minimizing the barrier of entry for new musicians. This involves rethinking centuries-old design and updating for modern mass manufacturing techniques like injection molding."
He received $15,000 in seed funding, plus space, marketing, legal and accounting services totaling up to $35,000.
The full story can be found on the CSULB Innovation Challenge web page, and the competition was also featured on Long Beach Business Journal and business wesbites.