Many of us have experienced some sort of handicap during our academic life. For example, you might have had a broken finger that prevented you from taking an exam, a serious illness that prevented you from attending classes in person, a broken laptop that prevented you from completing the required assignments on time, or to grief from a loss.

When things like those happen, you can and should request a reasonable accommodation from your professor with the appropriate documentation.

For some people, their handicap might be more sustained. Those students should work with someone at Bob Murphy Access Center (BMAC) to determine the appropriate accommodations as soon as possible.

Bob Murphy Access Center (BMAC)

The Bob Murphy Access Center (BMAC), located in Student Success Center Room 110, assists CSULB students with disabilities to achieve their educational degrees and prepare them to be career ready after graduation. Accommodations for course-related examinations are arranged through BMAC.

Individuals with disabilities who utilize service animals on campus grounds are strongly encouraged to connect with BMAC.

BMAC assists in facilitating note-taking requests and services for students who have difficulty taking notes due to the impact of their disability in the classroom setting.

BMAC can provide temporary accessible parking permits with medical verification.

Other services include mobility assistance, tutorial support, assistive technology, accessible materials and furniture, and other support necessary to accommodate a student's specific disability.

To register for accommodations and services:

  1. Complete a BMAC application via the MyBMAC icon in Single-Sign-On (SSO).
  2. Upload supporting documentation specifying disability diagnosis(es) to MyBMAC.
  3. Attend a Welcome Meeting with a BMAC specialist to determine reasonable accommodations, services, and resources. BMAC registration is not complete until after the Welcome Meeting.