Poster Printing

The G2 Lab offers poster printing services at a nominal fee. Most of the posters the G2 Lab prints are academic scientific posters that are used in research presentations.

The following are general guidelines on creating an academic scientific poster.


Use these files as an example when creating your poster. While these templates are not required for all posters, they may generate some ideas as to how your poster should look.

Note: The G2 Lab uses MS PowerPoint 2021 (.pptx) for Windows and Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.


The following poster templates are specific to the CSULB BUILD program:

Third-Party Templates

Third-party templates are also available.


University of Texas at Austin has a great guide on poster design.

Page Size

  • One side needs to be either 36" or 42".
  • Maximum poster size in PowerPoint is 56" by 42".
  • Adjust the slide size accordingly before designing your poster.
  • Maximum size in other programs varies, but one side will max out at 42".
  • If poster is designed in a program other than PowerPoint, please convert it to PDF and check the file properties to confirm desired dimensions.
  • Note: do not use Google Slides to convert to PDF as the formatting is incompatible with the poster printer, and will result in very enlarged bullet points and other text issues.

Font Size

The following are the recommended minimum font sizes for each section of the poster:

Poster Section Font Size
Title 85pt*
Authors and origin 56pt
Sub-headings 36pt
Body Text 24pt
Captions 18pt

*The title's font size will vary according to the length of the title.

Image Resolution

  • Images from the Web are almost always unsuitable for printing.
  • The best file types are JPEG/JPG or PNG.
  • When inserting graphs or charts, be sure to zoom in to check for undesired picture pixelation.

Please use the following steps when using the G2 Lab poster printing services.

Step 1: Preparation

Prepare your file with one of our poster templates (see "How to Create Your Poster" above), or use your own.

  • One edge must be either 42" or 36".
  • All posters will be printed in color.
  • All posters will be printed at the size in which they are received.
  • Have all payment methods arranged prior to submitting your poster to expedite file processing.

Step 2: Submission

Submit your file a minimum of 2 business days prior to when you need it.

PDF is the only file format we accept. File size must be < 25 MB.

  • To save as PDF from PowerPoint:
    • Mac: File > Export > choose "PDF"
    • PC: File > Save As > choose a location > choose "PDF"
    • Important: Do NOT print to PDF, as it will remove the poster's formatting and reset it to 8.5" x 11" (we cannot print this).
  • To check for the proper PDF properties (page and file size):
    • Adobe Acrobat: File > Properties... The information is on the bottom left in the "Page Size" section.
    • Preview: Tools > Show Inspector. The information is in the middle of the new window in the "Page size" section.

File submissions are only accepted through our poster submission form. You will be prompted to sign into Single Sign-On (SSO), if you are not signed in already, before you can use the form.

Poster Submission Form

Step 3: Confirmation

You will be notified via email upon the following events:

  • Successful file upload/reception
  • File acceptance, confirmed dimensions, and cost. If the poster is being paid for by CNSM faculty or staff, a request for payment information is initiated
  • File completion and notification for pickup

If you do not receive a confirmation, please contact us to make sure we received your file.

Step 4: Pick Up

Once you receive a completion notification, you may pick up your poster during lab open hours.

  • If you are paying at pick-up, be sure that your Beach ID Card (Beach Bucks) pre-loaded with the appropriate amount to complete the transaction. Receipt for poster payments can only be obtained at ID Card services in the bookstore. The G2 Lab cannot provide receipts.
  • If CNSM faculty or staff is covering the costs, come with your confirmation number to validate payment by an external CNSM source.
  • Once the poster leaves the G2 Lab, there are no refunds or replacements.
  • The actual poster may vary from what was seen on the screen. We do not provide test prints or proofing.

The cost of each poster is based on a supply reimbursement basis that include reimbursement for the cost of the printer, service contracts, and its consumables. This pricing structure is designed to keep costs affordable to allow CNSM students, faculty, staff, and programs access to the highest quality prints and presentations as a support to their ongoing success.


The following prices are for heavyweight coated matte finished paper.

  • For posters with 36" width, the cost starts at $8.00 for a length of 12". Each inch after 12 is an additional $0.75.
  • For posters with 42" width, the cost starts at $9.25 for a length of 12". Each inch after 12 is an additional $1.00.

Common Sizes

Dimensions (L x W) Cost
48" x 42" $37.50
42" x 42" $32.75
48" x 36" $32.00
42" x 36" $28.00

Payment Methods

The expected form of payment for all file submissions is the Beach ID Card (Beach Bucks), which is available to every student and faculty member with a CSULB ID number.

For CNSM faculty and staff only: the G2 Lab is also able to charge CNSM- G, RS, CE, and Stateside accounts with proper approval from the PI or the College ASM.


Other Printing Services

Alternative printing services are also available nearby:

Our Printer

We use an HP DesignJet Z9+dr V-Trimmer for poster printing.

  • Print Resolution: Up to 1200 optimized dpi
  • Ink Types: pigment-based (cyan, magenta, yellow, photo black, light gray, matte black)
  • Paper Type: HP Heavyweight Coated Paper, 36 inches or 42 inches
  • Primary Material: Wood fiber and Polyethylene
  • Other materials may be available by special request at additional cost