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Managing Finances as a Graduate Student

Funding Opportunities that are available.


COB Scholarship

The COB scholarship application process is open at the start of the Fall Semester and the funds are awarded at the start of the Spring Semester.

Deadline: September 20,  2020

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Graduate Research Fellowship

The fellowship is an award of $4,500 each semester. Candidates must be nominated by faculty; students may not apply directly.

  1. must be a California resident and 
  2. must meet the criteria for financial aid eligibility – must file a FAFSA by TBD in order to be considered

All materials must be forwarded to the CBA Grad Office (CBA-363) by TBD.

Attached Form (PDF)

MBA AB and Wan-Lin Kiang Scholarships

Students who submit the COB Scholarship Application will be considered for the MBA Advisory Board Scholarship as well as the Wan-Lin Kiang Endowed Scholarship. The MBA Advisory Board Scholarship is a one-time award of $3,000 and the Wan-Lin Kiang Scholarship is a one-time award of $1,428. Selected recipients receive the funds early in the spring semester.

If you have received a scholarship and would like to be featured in an upcoming edition of the Alumni Newsletter, please contact