ID Card Services FAQs



  • The ID Card Services Office is located on the second floor of the University Bookstore. 

Students:  Incoming students will receive an email with instructions after completing SOAR. Additional information is available on the 'Get Your ID' page.

For other students who need to obtain an ID card, or if you need a replacement card or additional information, please contact the ID Card Office at (562) 985-7388 or email us at

Staff/Faculty: To obtain a Beach ID Card you will first need to request a signed “Application and Agreement Form” from payroll or your employers Human Resources department. Once this form is filled out completely you will need to come in to the ID Card Services office with your application and a valid ID Card.

Volunteer Employees:  To obtain a Beach ID Card you will need to request a signed “CSULB Volunteer Application and Agreement Form” from the department that you will be volunteering for. Once this form is filled out completely you will need to come in to the ID Card Services office with your application, a valid ID card, and a University letter authorizing your volunteer assignment.

  • Visit the ID Card Services office (located on 2nd floor of University Bookstore).
  • Visit the How to Add Money webpage.

Parents can make deposits for students using and select “Make a guest deposit”.

With your Student/ Faculty/ Staff ID card, you can access an array of services/privileges all over campus, including: Library services, Beach Club debit, Meal Plans, Computer lab access, copiers, and more.

A replacement card can be obtained at ID Card Services inside the CSULB Bookstore. Once a replacement card is issued, all other cards become inactive. If you are a student living in the Residence Halls, your meal plan will already be active on your new card; however, some students may need to visit the Housing Office in order to get their card re-encoded for entry to the Residence Halls. See question “Where do I encode my card to access my Residence Hall?” for more information.

  • Worn or Non-functioning: Free when you turn in your old ID.
  • Returning Student (Academic Leave or Graduate): Free
  • Stolen: $5 or Free with police report
  • Lost: $5

Students are only allowed to have one copy of their ID card at a times. All other copies should be properly disposed. ID card staff will confiscate any inactive or invalid card presented.

Any name changes need to be processed through Enrollment Services before a new ID card can be issued.

ID’s do not have to be returned upon graduation.

ID Cards will be deactivated after graduation.

No, you will keep the same ID card until you graduate. If it ever becomes worn, faded, or stops working it can be replaced for free as long as it is surrendered to the ID Card Office.

No, we cannot reactivate old ID Cards. Any inactive ID Cards brought in to reactivate will be kept by the ID Card Service Staff.

For students who must swipe their cards to enter their rooms: Please go to your Service Center to get your card re-encoded. This needs to be done every time you get a new ID Card.
For students who must tap their cards to enter their rooms: Your card will automatically encode upon printing: it takes approximately 15 mins after printing for it to work.