AES should be consulted any time you want to modify your space. Some minor work can be done on-campus via a work order through Facilities. However, anything that requires a plan check, code reviews, permits, etc. Even the addition of some furniture meets these requirements, so when in doubt, ask to avoid unforeseen problems down the road.

D&CS does not maintain a large materials library so we recommend scheduling product intros and presentations when we are researching your Division for a specific project.

The best way to learn if we have a project that could use your product is to email our Administrative Coordinator at Evelyn.Rosales@csulb.edu 


If you don’t find what you need here, please contact Beach Building Services at 562.985.4131

Please email your request to Cole.Maloney@csulb.edu

Depending on your request, we may need you to sign a release form.

For security purposes, we are unable to provide complete building plans.

There are many steps involved in completing a project and a lot of them happen outside of Design and Construction office's control (State fire marshal, permitting, contract execution, etc.). We do our best to move your project through this process as quickly as possible, but there are a few things you can do to make sure there are as few delays as possible. 

  • Identify and approve sufficient funds
    Project costs are often more than expected and attempting to negotiate a budget number will delay the project while waiting for additional budget 

  • Don't change the scope of the project
    Get decision makers on board early and make sure everyone agrees about the scope of the project. Scope changes always lead to project delays. If you do need a change, make it as early as possible. The later in the project a change is made the more time and money it will take to implement.

  • Be flexible
    The more we limit the contractor's ability to work, the longer the project will take. Working around people, limiting when loud/smelly work can be done, or phasing projects to meet campus schedules may be necessary, but will make the project take longer. If there are factors that will limit the contractor, please discuss them with the project manager as early as possible. 

  • Plan Ahead
    The process of approving, funding, designing, and bidding a project takes a significant amount of time. Submitting a project in January may not provide enough time for construction to happen in the summer. The further ahead a project can be submitted, the more likely it is that we can meet your schedule.

Please refer to the “Current Projects” page as well as our Campus Map to review activity related to DCS projects. 

If the activity is related to one of our projects, please call us at 562.985.4175 and we will have the assigned Construction Manager contact you as soon as possible to address any concerns.

A project manager is chosen for a project based upon various factors but here are the three main factors:

  1. Workload
  2. Familiarity with client 
  3. Familiarity with scope of work.

There are University standards, which can be found here: University Resources ; however, discussions can be open with University Planning and DCS for variance from the standards in certain circumstances.

Every year, a Task Order Service Agreement (TOSA) is requested for various sub consultants to submit their qualifications for consideration. Based upon internal review of RFQ and meetings within DCS and planning, sub consultants are scored and selected. The TOSA is an annual agreement and can be renewed every year based upon the performance of the sub consultants.

The Campus Building Official issues building permits in conjunction with the Long Beach Fire Department (for first responder site access) and the Office of the State Fire Marshall (for fire line safety). 
Building Permit Process

You can find the upcoming project by clicking on the provided link: Up and Coming Projects

 Please coordinate with the Project Manager for your project. We have to ensure anything purchased outside of the project is coordinated with the design team for code consideration and ADA accommodation. 

Please see the document: CSULB MAP EFO-DFO Mtg, July 2022