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Frequently Asked Questions


Building Acronyms and Names

Acronyms and Names
Building Acronym Building Name
AH Animal House
AS Academic Services
BH Brotman Hall
COB/CBA College of Business
CP Central Plant
CPAC Carpenter Performing Arts Center 
DC Dance Center
ECS Engineering/Computer Science
ED Education
EN Engineering
ET Engineering Technology
FA  Fine Arts
FCS Family and Consumer Sciences
FM Facilities Management
FO Faculty Office
HAO Housing Administration Office
HC Horn Center
HHS Health and Human Services
JG Japanese Garden
CDC Child Development Center or Career Development Center or Center for Disease Control
HSD Human Services and Design
IH International House
LA Liberal Arts
LAB Language Arts Building
LH Lecture Halls
LIB Library
MDF Main Distribution Facility
MHB McIntosh Humanities Building
BKS University Bookstore
GYM University Gymnasiums
MIC Microbiology
MLSC Molecular and Life Science Center
MMC Multi-Media Center
NUR Nursing
PA Parking Administration or Pyramid Annex
PH Peterson Hall
PS1 Parking Structure 1
PS2 Parking Structure 2
PS3 Parking Structure 3
PSY Psycology
PYR Pyramid
RC Recycling Center
RH Residence Housing
SCL Science Lecture hall
SHS Student Health Services
SOR Soroptomist House
SSPA Social Sciences/Public Affairs
ST Studio Theatre
UMC University Music Center
UP University Police
UPS University Print Shop
USU Univeristy Student Union
UT University Theatre
UTC University Telecommunications Center
VEC Vivian Engineering Center
VIC Visitor Information Center


List of Acronyms used on Campus

Acronyms and Phrases
Acronyms Complete Phrase
ACBM Asbestos Containing Building Material
ADA Americans with Disabilities Act
AHU  Air Handler Unit
APPA Association of Higher Facilities Officers
AQMD Air Quality Management District
ASI Architect's Supplemental Instructions
ASM Administrative Services Manager
BFP  Back Flow Preventer
BSC Balanced Scorecard  
BSM Balanced Scorecard Measure
CBST Classroom Building Services Team
CEQA California Environmental Quality Act 
CM Construction Management
CMS  Common Management System
CNG Compressed Natural Gas 
CO Change Order or Chancellor's Office
COBCP Capital Outlay Budget Change Proposal
COFA College of Fine Arts
COLA College of Liberal Arts
CR Capital Renewal
CRB Cost Request Bulletin
CSEA California School Employee Association (Units 5,7,9-former)
CSUEU  California State University Employees Union (Units 2,5,7,9)
DAF Division of Administration and Finance
DGS Department of General Services
DM Deferred Maintenance
DSA Division of the State Architect
DSS Disabled Student Services
DSU Department Sole Use
EO Executive Order
EOC Emergency Operations Center
FAMIS Facility Asset Management Information System
FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency
FM Facilities Management
FTE Full Time Equivalent
GF General Fund
HR Human Resources
HVAC Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning 
IB  Inlet Basin
ICS Incident Command System
IFIS Integrated Facility Information System
IIPP Injury & Illness Prevention Program
IOR Inspector on Record
IS  Information Systems
ISES Intelligent Systems & Engineering Services
IT Information Technology
JOC Job Order Contract/Job Order Contractor
KW  Kilowatt
KWH  Kilowatt Hours
LEED Leadership In Energy and Environmental Design 
LNG Liquified Natural Gas 
MAJ Major Capital Outlay
MCC Motor Control Center
MCO Minor Capital Outlay
MOU Memorandum of Understanding
MUR Maintenance, Upkeep and Repair 
MW Megawatt
NIC Not in Contract
NOC Notice of Completion
NTE Not to Exceed
NTP Notice to Proceed
O&M Operations & Maintenance 
PAF Personnel Action Form
PCAPPA Pacific Coast Association of Higher Facilities Officers
PDS Planning and Design Services
PIS   Project Initiation Sheet
PIV  Post Indicator Valve
PP Pacific Partners or Physical Planning
BBS Beach Building Services
PRV  Pressure Reducing Valve
PTF  Personnel Transaction Form
PV  Photovoltaic
RACM Regulated Asbestos Containing Material
RFI Request for Information
ROM Rough Order of Magnatude
RTW Return to Work Committee
SETC State Employee Trades Council (Unit 6)
SFDB Space and Facilities Data Base
SFM State Fire Marshal
SR Service Request
SRM Safety and Risk Management
SUPA Statewide University Police Association (Unit 8)
SWO Standing Work Order
UAM University Art Museum
UCP University Classroom Pool
UPS Uninterrupted Power Supply 
URC  University Resource Council (formerly FAC: Financial Affairs Council) 
USGBC USGBC -- U.S. Green Building Council 
WO Work Order