Billable vs Non-Billable Examples

Examples of Billable and Non-Billable Charges for different Trades
Trade Billable Non-Billable
Carptentry Whiteboard
A/V Installations
Keyboard trays
Broken Windows
Missing or damaged Ceiling Tiles
Door not opening or closing properly
Paint Entire Room Graffiti
Touch Up (One Wall)
Locks Re-Key
Keypad Installations
Sticky Lock
Key not Opening the Lock
Latch Inoperable
Electrical New Outlet (additional power)
A/V Installations
Light Out
Power Out
Clock Repairs
Plumbing New Faucet Installations
New Garbage Disposal Installations
Clogged Toilets, sinks, urinals
Fountain / Hydration Station Repair
Plumbing Leaks
Engineers Window A/C Installation (non-classroom)
Window A/C Maintenance
Too Hot / Too Cold Calls
Movers Office Moves
Requests for Tables / Chairs
Auto Scheduled Services   
Custodial  Special Floor Cleaning (more than once a year)